Scarborough smackdown is ready to start. Not only were Jim Karygiannis and Norm Kelly both in the minority against pursuing a legal challenge to Doug Ford's move to cut city council in half, they were the first in line to run against one another

Giorgio Mammoliti is the cockroach of Toronto politics. After taking heat for his comments about community housing, the councillor placed cheese plates around city hall, which he hoped would complement “all the whining.” Still registered to run against Mammoliti is school trustee Tiffany Ford—although current councillor Anthony Perruzza will also likely be seeking the anti-Mammo vote.

“There are people who are trying to feed fears and intolerance for a broad range of reasons.” Justin Trudeau defended his confrontation with a Quebec woman who shouted questions at him about the $146 million cost of accommodating “illegal immigrants.” The evidence points to her heckle being part of a staged campaign—but the incident still raises questions about the PM’s intolerance of criticism of his platitudes:

Debunking a claim of a weed chocolate psychosis. Port Perry physician Merrilee Brown racked up retweets for claiming that she treated someone who ate the equivalent of 20 joints—then admitted the estimate was “unbelievably high.” Vice found that psychosis was an unlikely diagnosis.

Little Italy is about to test the big-screen tolerance for rom-com retro irony. No need to wait for TIFF when the likes of Danny Aiello and Jane Seymour will walk the red carpet at the Scotiabank Theatre this week. But since box office receipts aren’t boosted by feeding the trolls, the marketing of Little Italy has also involved feeding people pizza:

TIFF will once again close a stretch of King Street. Despite expectations that the annual street closure wouldn't happen again because of the King streetcar pilot, the TTC confirmed its fifth annual four-day route diversion, which city hall has deemed important to “a world-class city.” But the closure isn’t entirely about advertising for TIFF sponsors: the fest will also host a women’s rally on the street.

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The Toronto Zoo announced the birth of a new addition to this endangered species.

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