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Hi all and welcome to another edition of the Captain's Newsletter.

It's been a huge month and the next season's worth of programs have all started already - details are listed below. There are also a number of post-season celebration events coming up, so please feel free to join us and get involved in summer rowing at the shed!

The final results for the pennants have not yet been released by Rowing WA, but there is a list of our state championship winning crews on the right, and I can confirm we have finished in the top two in the state pennant, a great achievement.

Finally congratulations to Matt Cochran for being selected in the Australian M8+ who recently raced in the EON Hanse Alstercup in Hamburg. On a special 270m course in front of 30000 spectators, the Aussie 8+ finished second behind Germany in a time under 40 seconds. Rowing Australia have some great photos of the event here. There are still a couple of events to be run, including a 12.7km head race - for more info see the E.On Hanse Cup webpage.

Mike Jones
WARC Captain


2012 RWA Sundowner

The Rowing WA sundowner is coming up soon - it's the official end-of-season function for Rowing WA. The pennants will be presented to the winning clubs (including Westies!), drinks and paella will be served on the balcony at Canning Bridge. I'd like to encourage all Westies members to come down and enjoy the evening; at $15 it's pretty cheap too! You must RSVP for the event at the link below.

When: Sunday 7th October 5-8pm
Where: RWA, Canning Bridge
How much: $15
Includes: Paella on the balcony
Drinks: Available for purchase from the bar



The WARC AGM is also coming up soon. All WARC members are invited to come along, hear the state of the nation from the current committee and vote in the elections for the 2012/13 committee positions. If you're interested in joining the club's committee for the next year, or have an item of discussion which you want to bring to the committee's attention for the meeting, please get in touch with Michael Berry at for a nomination form.

All nominations for committee positions must be submitted to the secretary no less than seven days before the AGM.

When: Wednesday 17th October, 6pm
Where: WARC Function Room
Drinks: Available for purchase from the bar
Who: All WARC members, friends and family. Only financial members may vote in elections.


WARC Summer Programs

We're running six separate programs through summer, most of which have started already! Anyone is welcome to come and join one of our programs - if you're not yet a Westies member or have been hiding away during the winter months, you can join as a summer casual member and join any of the programs below.

Summer Nationals Program
What: The SNP is an intensive program for athletes intending to compete at the Australian Rowing Championships in March 2013.
Who: Open to athletes of all age categories , from U17 to Open.
When: On-water AM training sessions every day except Thursdays, plus afternoon land-based sessions Monday-Thursday. Runs October-March.
Contact: Ross Martin at

What: iRow has been developed as a supported rowing program for athletes aged 13 to 19. The program has two streams, one for complete novices which includes a Learn-to-Row component, and one for more experienced athletes who have completed some club or school-based rowing.
Who: All under-19 rowers.
When: Sundays 6-8am, Wednesday/Friday 5:30-7am. Runs year-round.
Contact: Verity Keogh at

Casual Summer Rowing Program
What: The CSRP is a casual program for experienced rowers who want to row up to 3 times per week through summer. Sessions are not compulsory and some members also go on group rides 1-2 times per week.
Who: All rowers with over a year's experience.
When: Tuesday/Thursday 5-7am, Saturday 6-8am. Runs October-March.
Contact: Michael Berry at

What: L2R is a short three-week course to give novices a taste for the sport and develop basic on-water skills.
Who: Anyone with no rowing experience is interested getting started.
When: One 5-session course is offered per month from November-February. Sessions are on Monday/Thursday 5-7am.
Contact: Michael Berry at

Squad X
What: Squad X is the graduate program for Learn2Row athletes - after completing the Learn2Row program athletes can join as casual summer members and continue to row two (and later three) times per week. Who: Athletes with less than three months' rowing experience.
When: Tuesday 5:30-7am, Saturday 6-8am. Runs November-March.
Contact: Joel Steinberg at

Lord Mayor's Cup
What: The LMC is Westies' corporate regatta for novice crews. Companies are invited to enter crews of four to train over a 5 week period leading up to a regatta on April 1.
Who: Any athletes with no or limited rowing experience, entered as crews of four.
When: February-March, registrations not open until January.

Pennant Table

(final results!)

SRRC 176.5
WARC 125.8
UWABC 109.6
FRC 102.9
ANARC 52.8
CUBC 40.0
BRC 29.5
CLBC 17.4
MURC 7.9
PRC 7.6

For the Diary...

Sun 7th October - RWA Sundowner
Wed 17th October - WARC AGM

State Championship Honour Roll

The following crews won 2012 State Championship titles:

Mens A Grade Coxless Four
(Cochran, Mihaila, Hughes, Wakeford)

Mens B Grade Eight
(Cochran, Mihaila, Hughes, Wakeford, Ciccarelli, Klemm, Salisbury, Robson, cox: Scott)

Mens B Grade Coxless Four
(Holdsworth, Campbell, Jones, Klemm)

Mens B Grade Double Scull
(Ciccarelli, Taitt)

Womens C Grade Coxless Four
(Kelsall, Rule, Riley, Thomas)

Womens C Grade Coxless Quad Scull
(Bignall, Davis, Miller, Harding)

Mens C Grade Coxless Quad Scull
(Taitt, Campbell, Morris, Parks)

Womens E Grade Coxed Quad Scull
(Jones, Atchison, Devoto, Rough, cox: Rule)

Mens E Grade Coxed Four
(Ralph, Morgan, Smith, Rosser, cox: Wilson)

Mens E Grade Double Scull
(Morgan, Smith)

The following crews won 2012 Masters State Championship titles:

Mixed Coxed Quad Scull
(Bignall, Taitt, Morris, Leidekker, cox: Maguire)

Womens Coxless Four
(Bignall, Davis, Leidekker, Rule)

Mens Coxless Four
(Salisbury, Wakeford, Taylor, Klemm)

Mens A/B Coxless Quad Scull
(Taitt, Wakeford, Jones, Robson)

Mens C Coxless Quad Scull
(Salisbury, Lane, Taylor, Panizza)

Womens C Coxless Quad Scull
(Riley, Sammut, Zaunmayr, Knight)

Womens Coxless Pair
(Riley, Sammut)

Mens Coxless Pair
(Salisbury, Klemm)

Mixed A/B Double Scull
(Wakeford, Austin)

Womens A/B Double Scull
(Austin, Davis)

Mens A/B Double Scull
(Jones, Robson)

Womens A/B Single Scull

Mens A/B Single Scull

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Mike Jones at

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