There's one thing Patrick Brown won’t flip-flop on. Charges against two Liberals were dismissed in the Sudbury by-election bribery trial, while the one about gas plant emails ambles along. And while the Ontario PC leader is now the subject of a labour movement commercial likening him to a weathervane, he won’t retract a statement about Kathleen Wynne that led to a libel notice after a six-week warning. Brown’s chief of staff shared their officlal response with a mic drop:

“CHURCH & WELLESLEY UNDER SEIGE BY THUGS.” Storefront signs refer to a rash of violent incidents around the intersection, whose gay village glory has faded, despite plans to bring it back. For now, two stores have knocked down a shared wall for a greater sense of security, and 83-year-old Dudley’s Hardware is considering closure.

Ontario Place’s comeback starts with the Cinesphere. While the original plan was for the former water park to be redeveloped by 2017, efforts this past summer were half-baked. A permanent re-opening of the globular cinema will meet the deadline.

Weedora scores some concerned parent outrage. Door hangers for a marijuana home delivery service (which is possibly a prank) garnered a Toronto Star article focused on fears about children—a probable foreshadowing of more legalization-related reactions to come. Meanwhile, the annual Maclean’s university ranking issue polled pot use among students. (The lightest users, apparently, are linguistics students.)

Margaret Wente riles via CBC Radio. A recent column provided a touchpoint for Wente’s turn on The Current, where she talked about how the #MeToo campaign is unfair to men. Turns out, the one thing that can generate more Twitter reactions than her writing is a spot on the airwaves. “You’re coming from a world that will never exist,” Wente told her opponent, Farrah Khan—who assured the columnist that she also comes from Earth.

“He forced me to have sex with him or, he said, I wouldn’t be allowed in the band anymore.” Alice Glass, the vocalist of Crystal Castles until 2014, revealed a history of sexual assault by her former bandmate, Ethan Kath, who continued the Toronto-based act with a replacement singer. Kath denied the claims, but cancelled all his tour dates.

Soylent won’t be getting any green from Canadian people. Sales of the futuristic meal replacement have been halted for now by Canada's national food inspection agency. Soylent counters that Canadian standards “do not reflect the current understanding of human nutritional needs.”

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GO Transit promoted a Twitter poll asking "Which #EttiquetteFail is the grossest?" and this came in first—with 51 per cent of the vote.

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