Crossing the picket line with Charity the cow. The Royal Winter Fair is setting up, despite Exhibition Place stagehands remaining locked out. Regardless, the maligned steel sculpture, formerly of Markham, will shine for city slickers without any apologies:

The Bishop Strachan School sacked its principal over The Merchant of Venice. Judith Carlisle defended her decision to welcome British company Box Clever Theatre, which had presented its “updated” take on The Merchant of Venice elsewhere without complaints. Reaction to its staging at BSS led to Carlisle losing her job.

One Spadina Crescent’s atmosphere is forcing its architecture students to build dividers. Despite all the praise heaped upon the new U of T building, it’s spurring its share of complaints from those who find it a challenge to get any work done in there:

Fairland Funhouse remains in suspended animation. Protesters of a scheme to transform a vacant Kensington Market grocery store into a big bar may relish the fact that the plan has stalled, pending some permits. The opening is now planned for next spring—a year after announcing the plan.

An expensive souvenir of Hilarious House of Frightenstein. While the 1971 series has been the focus of much recent nostalgia and some revival plans, it’s down to just one set of master tapes, which are now being hawked without any rights:

Paw Patrol creator figures that no one else can ever replicate what made him rich. “It’d be harder than winning the lottery,” says Keith Chapman about how he sold the premise of a cartoon to Toronto company Spin Master, which calculated how to monetize his idea through relentless merchandise:

Steven Galloway is taking on tweeters. The author and professor, who was exonerated by UBC after being fired following a sexual assault accusation, is now suing 25 people. Among them are individuals who allegedly defamed Galloway on social media.

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The open-source cloud development software company, co-founded by Hamilton native Bob Young, was sold to IBM in a deal worth $34 billion.

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