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Nugget Markets “Fresh To Market” October 16, 2007

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Mustards & Sauerkraut

Dulcet Mustard

Bratwurst and beer might be the stars of Oktoberfest, but don’t forget that mustard plays an important supporting role. To add that tangy kick to your brat, try Dulcet Mustards. Choose from Creole, Madras Curry or Moroccan flavors. For a traditional spicy-brown variety, try Kosciusko Mustard, which pairs perfectly with a big, bold kielbasa.

If you’d rather have sauerkraut with your sausage, try Barrel Sauerkraut, a traditional imported German variety.

Oktoberfest Beers


The citizens of Munich, where the Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest started in 1872, don’t declare the annual festival officially open until a keg of Spaten has been tapped. Kick off your own Oktoberfest celebration with a stein of this mahogany-colored brew, or try a thick and creamy Paulaner to get yourself in the spirit.

Pumpkin Beauty

Mc Group

Banish the first signs of dry, dull skin this winter with the nourishing oils found in pumpkin extract. Try MyChelle’s Incredible Pumpkin Peel, MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream, and Essence Organics Repair Pumpkin Hand Cream for intense hydration.

Fresh To Market
October 16, 2007
Volume 1, Issue 6

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Nugget Sausage

Nugget Sausage screen shot

Cooking a sausage can be puzzling, unless you know the right technique. Join Nugget food experts Wayne Rudi and Rachael Levine to learn two great methods of cooking Nuggets all-natural sausage to perfection.

Continued …

Featured Recipe

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup detail

We love the traditional fall flavor of pumpkin. This recipe was originally created to pair with a favorite, locally produced Chardonnay from the Dunnigan Hills. With hints of spice, citrus and cream, it matches well with most medium to bold white wines, especially those with nuances of crisp apple, pear and toasty oak. Try this creamy, flavorful soup to warm you up as the weather turns cold.

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Pumpkin facts from Dr. LizDr Liz

Pumpkins – they’re not just for carving. One cup of cooked pumpkin supplies more than 100 percent of the Daily Value for Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Cook pumpkin as you would other winter squashes, and remember that mashed pumpkin stores well in the freezer.

Liz Applegate, Ph.D

Harvest Drinks

Harvest Drinks

One of our favorite things about fall is that delicious pumpkin is back in season. That means Nugget is full of delightful pumpkin goodies, including the popular pumpkin drinks in our coffee and juice bars! Each is made with real pumpkin pie filling; try a pumpkin latte, chai or freeze, or even a pumpkin milkshake for an extra-special indulgence.

Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale

Who knew that the father of our nation used to make beer out of pumpkins? Inspired by George Washington’s home-brewing efforts, the folks at Buffalo Bill’s created this one-of-a-kind ale. The original recipe called for a 40-pound pumpkin – proof that there is actually a use for those monster veggies we always see at the county fair.

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