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Another new fabulous year!

Greetings from Sunny Pine Cay,

Welcome to a new season at The Meridian Club.  After a busy low season of sprucing up the club and completing some major and minor projects, we are excited about our opening in early November.

One thing that will never undergo revovation however, is our commitment to creating an exceptional and memorable dining experience. We are so excited to start the season with our new pastry chef and to keep our focus on creating culinary delights.   Here is a preview of our upcoming video, showing some of our kitchen's masterful creations.

Click to view video...


A lot actually...

During low season, The Meridian Club closes to work on renovations and property enhancements.  Each year we assess our needs, budget and guest feedback and prioritize.  Here are improvements our loyal guests can expect when they return this season.

  • Guests will be welcomed to the island at our new dock space (by Niki beach) including a dock that moves up and down with the tide
  • Hoping to inject a bit more adventure into your stay, we have added a new Hobie wave sailboat to our fleet, along with additional sea kayaks and paddle boards.  What a wonderful way to explore nearby cays!
  • Our largest project, although one you will barely notice, is new electric cable throughout the island.
  • We have launched our new gift shop where you will find items such as tumblers, golf shirts, etc. featuring our new logo, along with local souvenir items and artisan crafts.
  • We welcome a new pastry chef to the club, and invite you to enjoy a few cosy changes in the dining room such as a new hutch and an 8-seat table.
  • And finally, we are expecting to unveil a purpose-built parking area for golf carts very soon. 


Our Staff.  That’s not new. 

Be reassured your friends are still here ready and willing to serve, share your joy, and create more laughter.  Come back and say "hello" to  Wesley, Floyd, Mark, Bang-Bang,  Raymond, JR, Teody and Toto … oh, and Bev and Wally are back too!


It doesn't matter if you like to be under the water or on the water, The Meridian Club on Pine Cay has something of interest for everyone.  Our featured guests to open the new season include Saundra and Richard's passion collecting sand dollars on Pine Cay and an interview with two residents about the exceptional fishing experience for anyone seeking to enhance their otherwise inactive vacation.


Can you imagine starting a new job at 64, and then retiring from that job twenty years later?  Read about Brother Mac and why we are sad to say goodbye.