Todd R Darling

Google competitor Ecosia is placing an arboreal lens on the search engine – in short, turning your online exploration into reforestation. We sure hope the adoption of this platform takes root.


JM’s CEO Ben wrote an op-ed on his recommended approach to investing in startups, and what the co-investment trend means for our landscape. Go for the perspective; stay for the Audrey Hepburn quote.


When fans create fiction, their worlds can surpass and almost envelope what was there originally. It is the ultimate compliment for any piece of content, and this YouTube dissertation breaks the phenomenon down beautifully.


To read Ariel Aberg-Riger’s beautifully illustrated piece on the urban resurgence of crows in the US, and to find out what a synanthrope is, go here. To see our IT guy’s Instagram dedicated to his crow friendship with Kanye Nest and Kim Cawdashian, go here.


Jessica Sier made us laugh a lot (and cry, a little) this week with her article, The Resolver, about the cons of the well-meaning Google Doc bloodbath.


Frank Herbert did a great dune – so did David Lynch, and so will Denis Villeneuve – but the one that has our attention right now is a new art mecca in Qinhuangdao.

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