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Festive season is upon us!

Thanks everyone for joining us for our annual community Xmas party last Sunday! We had a hoot and hope you did too. Thank you to local legend volunteer Santa who can hopefully make all the things he promised come true…

We are almost all booked up for December luncheons but do have a few spots left so if you want to convince your work place to come to the best place on earth for Christmas fun times, do It soon.

Please note that our last day of trade for the year is Sunday 22nd December and we have a quite a bit of packing up to do so will be shutting up shop early. Bistro 4pm and bar 6pm. We will be reopening Friday 10th January and it is conveniently convene on the green for any of you parents looking for free child friendly jumping castle fun.

Check out our Facebook and Website for more details about the club and don’t forget to become a member! www.thepbc.org.au/join

Below are some words from George Catsi our Club President about our Green Globe nomination and the PBC's journey thus far

Last night Penny and I went to the Green Globe Awards as finalists but we didn't win. The Green Globes are the states highest environmental awards and for the club to reach the finals is amazing. We were in the lifetime achievement category for over 10 years of sustained commitment to sustainability (Did I just use sustain and sustainability in the same sentence? We must be serious about it.)

The PBC is a special place, well I think it is. From taking on a failed club 13 years ago to turning it into the thriving community it is now, is to be celebrated. I believe sustainability is not just environmental but financial and cultural. Each feeds into the other to create communities that I think are liveable. The sustainability of communities comes about when all these align. The club works to bring people together, to interact and to collectively work to make our small pocket of the world a decent place to live. I'd like to think a micro-example of how we could all get together across our cities and country.

Our being finalists reflects the recognition that what is happening at the PBC is noticed. To achieve this you have to think smart about how to bring all the elements together. Becoming Pokie free in 2007 underpins this. Pokies don't just deplete us societally for what they take from people they are anti-innovation and inherently anti-business as they make clubs and pubs that have them, lazy. The PBC (and other pokie-free places) need to think all the time on how we stay relevant - keep working the club so that people still want to come. This is the fuller picture of sustainability. The juggling of ideas and the pulling of all the threads of environmental, financial, cultural and community to find better smarter ways to do things, that doesn't literally cost the earth. Thanks to everyone at the PBC and our community for the story so far.

George Catsi President (the term has never felt the same since Trump came along) #greenglobe20years

Gods Cowboys are Slouching Towards Bethlehem - Xmas show - Saturday Dec 7th

Final show this Saturday Dec 7th

It’s Christmas and Gods Cowboys are holding a Surprise Party for Jesus.

Gods Cowboys are back in their new show after their triumphant sold out reunion shows in February. A comedic and musical tour-de-force that formed it's own genre Cowbaret.

Tickets now on sale here

With Christmas almost upon us we’re reminded there’s something about Mary, and definitely something about her wonderkid, Jesus. When you’re born in a barn with the world’s most famous donor Dad, you’re gold star hipster. I mean Jesus had followers BEFORE Insta.

Join the Cowboys when they saddle up riding rough shod over the rocky religious terrain and shiny corporate bauble that is Christmas - Holy Cowbaret ...this is genre diverse...and not everybody’s gonna like it! Like our Father of Christmas Island, our tenacious PM...

‘I haven’t seen these boys but if it’s religious, I back it’, Sco Mo.

But others, (the truly liberal) have a different take on the three horsemen of the Chris-pocalypse. When they galloped out of the dust earlier this year it was hailed as something of a resurrection. Although it took a little more than 3 days for their rock to roll back. In fact it had been 23 years since the three comedy evangelists roamed the comedy plains of Australia. After watching seminal Aussie trios like DAAS reform they had an epiphany: ‘ ‘threesomes are back!’ Not ones to miss out on the fun God’s Cowboys are back for the rapture.

Carol Wimmer from Sydney Art’s Guide was definitely part of the recaptured herd:

“Gods Cowboys have arisen! And what a resurrection...their brand of wicked parody and caustic satire is even more ‘now’ than it may have been ‘then’.. 25th February 2019

*Claus: Due to the modern construct of comparative mythology any divine promises are relative and therefore, may not be binding.

Gods Cowboys are our very own PBC President George Catsi, David Delves and John Knowles

Sorry folks, we are not holding our annual Sculptures by the PBC this year. We are endeavouring to make it bigger and better in 2020 so stay tuned!

If you haven’t sat solar side at sunset, you haven’t lived!
Thanks to the Inner West Stronger Communities Grant we have some solar lights to provide safety and comfort as you sit outside and enjoy your time at the PBC.

PBC Merch!

A new bunch of merch has just come in! Come and grab a T-shirt or hat for yourself or a friend as a nice Xmas present! 

There are limited kids sizes so best to come in and check them out at the club/ try them on.

Rainbow designed by Cody Shapiro and Pirate flag designed by Bruce Collier.

Kids @ the PBC

Hi parents, whilst we do enjoy you bringing your children to the PBC so they can run around and you can relax, we do have some rules.

The main one is that you, the parent or guardian need to be with your child at all times. You are responsible for them and their behaviour.

We allow children to run around on the top green but NOT the bottom green. The bottom green is for adults who want to bowl. Please respect this and we will all live happily ever after.

Inner West Tool Library @ The Bowlo!

Recently the IWTL was highly commended for Community Spirit and Inclusion at the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW awards! Great work team!

Open Saturdays from 9am-12pm but you can browse the catalogue online HERE – don’t forget to become a member!

Sunday meat and Veggie tray!

Want to drink beers in the sun instead of doing the weekly shop?

Well we have got you covered!

Tickets start selling at 3pm on Sundays, gotta be in to win it! 

Meat is from the Premium Butcher in Leichhardt Marketplace and the Veggies are fresh from Harris Farm Leichhardt.

What's in the PBC Garden?

Here’s a few pics of what we have growing here in our garden!
All sustained by our rainwater tanks and compost from the kitchen scraps! Fresh fruit, veg and herbs going back into the bar and kitchen to provide you with only the freshest and tastiest of ingredients!

Thai Basil




Convene On The Green - Friday 13th Dec

It's that time of the month again to Convene on the Green! All welcome, bring the cherubs and the pups from 4pm.

Jumping castle on the green, delicious bistro specials and the chance to get together with the neighbours. Convene on the Green is our ultra special, hi-carb, low nutrient, community hugfest on the 2nd Friday of the month.

Trivia every Tuesday from 7:30!

Trivial Tuesday from 7:30pm 

Come and answer some questions to win cash prizes! wine! Respect? There are also some delicious food and beverage offerings. 

Bistro open from 5pm with the full menu for your enjoyment!

Call the club today to book your table! Today! Not Tomorrow! Today!

Wednesdays @ the PBC

Need a cure for those hump day blues? How about Free bowls? That’s right, FREE bowls on a Wednesday! Bistro is open and beers will be flowin’ Did I mention happy hour prices are $6.30? That’s right, $6.30 for any tap beer! Even those fancy $10 delicacies. See you next Wednesday.

Happy hour is 5-6pm Tuesday-Thursday and 4-6pm on Fridays

PBC Game Night - Every 2nd Wednesday of the month - 11th Dec

Come and join in the fun and our PBC Games Night!
Happening every second Wednesday of the month, doors open at 5pm so the fun can start as soon you leave from work early!

Bring games and friends or come solo and just join in! It’ll be great!

Games include but are not limited to (cause you can bring your own) scrabble, cards, pub trivia, N64 and table tennis! 

Bespoken Word - Wednesday 11th Dec

"I Can Top That!" is a true-story-telling-comedy-slam. Hosted by veteran Storytelling comedian John Knowles, the show sees three comedians challenged to tell a short funny true story based on a random audience suggestion. One starts and then the other performers try to top it with their own real life story. Its like The Moth meets Graham Norton meets Family Feud.  Come watch it happen before your very eyes.

'I Can Top That!" welcomes back Post Haste Players - the Shakespearian Impro Comedy Company that brought you the hilarious Romeo & Juliet Improvised & Rome Sweet Rome, bringing you their original hit show BARD TO THE BONE!  It’s Shakespeare made to measure, as you like it, a never-seen-before, new Shakespeare play made up on the spot using your suggestions!’  Live and unscripted as part of the 'I Can Top That! monthly comedy double-header!

Poetry At The PBC - 19th Dec @ 6:30pm

Poets at the Petersham Bowlo presents our monthly open mic soiree, from 6.30 till 9.30. Poems, short stories, anecdotes, comedy, acoustic music.

Free admission. Come, enjoy a beer, a pizza and have a laugh with mates.

Sign up on the night if you’d like to present!

December Gig guide

There's some great music coming your way over the month of March. Check our website or Facebook for more info... acts include:

Friday 6th @ 8pm: Sleepwalker's Station / Torben Tietz

Saturday 7th @ 2pm Sam Newton

Saturday 7th @ 7pm: Gods Cowboys Cabaret Comedy Night

Sunday 8th @ 3pm: Little Wise/The Little Lord Street Band

Sunday 8th @ 6pmAA Matheson

Thursday 12th @ 7:30pm: Substance, Men From Uncle and Driving South

Friday 13th @ 7:30pm: Julia Johnson/Hollie Matthew/Brendan Moon

Saturday 14th @ 2pm: The Manhole Covers

Saturday 14th @ 5pm: Closed for Private Function

Sunday 15th @ 3pm: Good Pash Christmas Bash

Wednesday 18th @ 7:30pm: Jess Dale / Jhana Allan

Thursday 19th @ 6:30pmPoety @ the pbc

Friday 20th @ 8pm: Ryley Walker (US)

Saturday 21st @ 2pm: The Rockafellaz

Saturday 21st @ 8pm: The Djangologists

Sunday 22nd @ 3pm: Broken Stone Records


January 2020 - Reopen Friday 10th Jan

Friday 10th @ 8pm Parun & Veles EP LAUNCH

Saturday 11th @ 8pm: Continental Robert & The Trouble People

Sunday 12th @ 3pm: The Durham Project

Sunday 12th @ 6pm: Ehran

Sleepwalker's Station / Torben Tietz

Friday 6th @ 8pm

Sam Newton

Saturday 7th @ 2pm

Little Wise + The Little Lord Street Band

Sunday 8th @ 3pm


Substance, Men From Uncle and Driving South

Thursday 12th @ 7:30pm

Julia Johnson/Hollie Matthew/Brendan Moon

Friday 13th @ 7:30pm

Good Pash Christmas Bash #2

Saturday 15th @ 3pm

Ryley Walker Sydney show with Darren Cross, Andrew Tuttle

Friday 20th @ 8pm


The Rockafellaz

Saturday 21st @ 2pm 

Broken Stone Records

Sunday 22nd @ 3pm

Continental Robert & The Trouble People


Saturday 11th @ 8pm