Sousatzka reviews are in (and they're not good). Was there anything a few non-confessional Garth Drabinsky interviews could fix for the first musical in 18 years with his name attached? Based on the opening night appraisals, probably not: the Toronto Star was scathing about this “overproduced, overcomplicated mess”; Broadway World doesn’t blame the actors, but declaires it isn't good enough for Broadway. The cast includes an American who just goes by just one name: Fuschia!

Don Meredith gets a new defender. The censured senator didn’t speak this week, but his new lawyer, Bill Trudell, has stepped up to turn the temperature down. Trudell says Meredith doesn’t feel as though he's a victim of racism. (Last week, following the lead of his previous counsel, Meredith himself said racism “absolutely” played a role.)

Quebec meltdown over Maclean’s hot take reminds the rest of Canada that it’s still publishing. The fallout from Andrew Potter stepping down as director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada led to speculation that the PMO forced a hand at Justin Trudeau’s alma mater—a claim that has been denied by all involved. Nonetheless, the scandal over Potter calling snowstorm chaos a symbol of “social malaise” in Montreal (then walking it back) filled plenty of other columns, a pickle atop a year of debates about rhetoric on campus. What’s left for Maclean’s but to ratchet things up?

CBC ombudsman says hiring an actor to sell racist T-shirts on the street is “not journalistically justified.” Marketplace’s segment on “The Trump Effect” generated "over 20" complaints after it aired in January, and a formal review has now backed them up: “People confronted on the street with a reporter emerging out of a car is not conducive to a thoughtful dialogue,” wrote Esther Enkin. (Now, if only it were that easy to get Subway off their case.)

Can the Scarborough subway extension be stopped? Nine of the ten councillors representing the east side of town signed an open letter backing up mayor John Tory's enthusiasm for the estimated $3.35 billion spend—with just Paul Ainslie abstaining. Meanwhile, former mayor David Miller is telling anyone who will listen that the subway extension will never be built. Councillor Josh Matlow is now raising more questions about the viability of the plan. Tune in next week when city council gives this debate yet another whirl.

Nathan for You returns to fight the alt-right. Nathan Fielder is headed to Vancouver, where he'll donate $150,000 to the city's Holocaust Education Centre. The money is apparently proceeds from Summit Ice, a jacket brand Fielder created as a joke/protest after Taiga, a Vancouver outerwear company, published a tribute to a Holocaust denier in its catalogues. It was the kind of thing that sounded a lot more surreal 18 months ago.

Denis McGrath dead at 48. The passionate Canadian television screenwriter, especially prone to getting into scraps about the industry on his blog, is paid tribute by critic Bill Brioux, as well as the website that cites McGrath as its main inspiration: TV, eh?

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Nova Scotia revoked this vanity licence plate after 25 years, but Lorne Grabher says that he’s no Donald Trump.

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