The battle of the housing market headlines.Flood of Toronto listings not all that it seems,” reports the Globe and Mail, quoting real estate agents who explain how inventory ends up being counted multiple times. But the numbers from the first half of May help to spin another story:

Real estate video casting call roils Reddit. A producer's search for an “Effeminate Male Couple” and “Ghetto Girl” sparked outrage online—and it didn’t help that the gigs were non-paying. The production is also seeking young Asian actors to interface with a bumbling real estate agent. The video series title, Wuchubuzai (“everywhere” in Mandarin), suggests a sales pitch aimed at China.

“The Spence Defence” is worth a few bucks to some. Chris Spence, the former Toronto District School Board education director, who lost his job after being exposed as a serial plagiarist, wants to return to the classroom—and he made a 27-minute video (which has since been removed from the internet) to make the case for being allowed to do that. Spence now says he's willing to reveal the person who ghostwrote a partly plagiarized Toronto Star op-ed. He's raising money for his defence, and the earliest donors include a few politicial figures.

CBC flagship's future is still undisclosed. Peter Mansbridge hosted a season launch event, and chuckled about the new “host or hosts” of the revamped The National—but details remain under wraps after some recent backstage drama. The programming slate includes throwing 15 original digital series against the wall to see what sticks.

Kevin O’Leary will be lurking at the Conservative coronation. Maxime Bernier’s campaign claimed their Shark Tank pal would stay home, leading to speculation that they’d rather not have him hovering around, despite an alleged alliance. The report was debunked, in a reminder of what might've been, had O’Leary won the leadership:

Guy Laurence’s style was too ugly for Rogers. Report on Business Magazine has the wide shot on the CEO’s sudden ouster last October. The piece safely speculates that the firing had to do with conflict between Laurence and family and friends of Ted Rogers. The brash British import might’ve been more talk than action, anyhow, with tactics like publicly shaming employees who didn’t sign up for the Rogers-branded MasterCard. Laurence’s penchant for dressing himself also didn’t help much.

“Our sole intent was to acknowledge that the lyrics, in current day, are now being consumed in a different society context.” The Central Student Association of the University of Guelph apologized for how it apologized for playing Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” at a campus event. The statement explained that the original apology was removed because it had attracted some “negative and transphobic” comments. Meanwhile, some Reed associates found the whole thing totally ridiculous.

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Several fluorescent posters around a Leslieville green space warn that someone has been dropping these around the area.

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