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Discover Pine Cay like Never Before

Dear Guests,

Much is happening down here on Pine Cay, though life continues to feel easy, slow, and absorbing, for us there is never a dull moment.  Wally and I are often asked about what it is like to live here, and run the resort, so we finally put "pen to paper", in this case "fingers to keys" and wrote out what a typical day is like for us.  We hope you enjoy! 

More news on Pine Cay and The Meridian Club.

DID YOU KNOW? - Why we ring the bell at meal time?  That our pines have a revitalization program?  About Fort George Cay?

ROMANCE - We all know that Pine Cay is one of the most romantic places to vacation.  This is not only true for guests, it's true for the staff too.  So here is the story about how Avianne got engaged.  But if your interest is more along the lines of planning a wedding, we've got that too.

DINING - Recently we had a recipe competition on our Facebook page, and it seems you are all so wildly crazy about libations and cuisine, that we dedicated a whole article about dining, including menus and how some of our seafood ends up at your table.  If catching fish isn't your thing, what about catching crabs, with a recipe?

FAMILIES - Certain times of year are perfect for families.  The winter holidays are filled with fun packed activities, but if a large group family reunion is of greater interest, read about it here.

FEATURED STAFF - This month we are featuring our new yoga instructor, Laura Mensen, who teaches every Wednesday morning in the upper lounge with beautiful sweeping beach views.

Laura Mensen

Yoga with beach views