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Wine of the Weekend: TINI Sauvignon Blanc 2017

TINI Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, get your wine glasses ready because today is Sauvignon Blanc Day! That crisp, refreshing grape grown all over the world is in the spotlight, as it should be. Light, fresh, and the perfect pairing for many of our favourite warm weather foods, Sauvignon Blanc first gained fame in France, was reinvented in New Zealand, and now nearly every wine growing country has some stellar Sauvignon to offer. This weekend’s wine, TINI Sauvignon Blanc, hails from northern Italy. It offers great Sauvignon Blanc character and is a terrific value, perfect for celebrating and sharing with friends.

Tasting Notes: TINI Sauvignon Blanc is 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Friuli, Italy and shows fresh lemon citrus, grassy herbal notes and a clean finish.

Enjoy With: Seafood, summer salads, chicken dishes or as a refreshing sip on its own.

Style: A light bodied, crisp, white wine.

Terroir/Region: Friuli lies in the Northern reaches of Italy near the border of Austria and Slovenia and is one of the best regions in the country for growing white wines. The high mountains are the region’s defining characteristic: they help channel cool air and their elevation gives vineyards great exposure to the sun, both important factors when growing grapes for white wines. The final product becomes ripe and fruity while having balancing acidity to keep you coming back for more.

Producer: TINI is made by the Caviro group which is responsible for many of Italy’s best-known value-focused wines. It looks for growers who can offer quality for the money and then strives to make clean, fruit driven-wines for those who want great wine for an affordable price.

Availability: TINI Sauvignon Blanc is available year-round in the Italy section at your local LCBO and is a great deal for everyone celebrating Sauvignon Blanc Day 2018. Grab one today, or if you’re hosting this year’s Sauv Blanc Day Party, grab a few!

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Price: $8.50

LCBO#: 361477

Size: 750mL

Alcoholic Content: 12.0% alc./vol.