The antidote to border-crossing hot takes. Now that every last article has been published about becoming an American in Canada, or already being a Canuck in the U.S.A.—though, sadly, no sign of an op-ed from a Canadian who'd prefer to live under Donald Trump—the New York Times front page delivered some subversion:

“Make America Great Again” cap unlikely to get judge fired. While coming into a Hamilton courtroom with the hat was a bad idea by Judge Bernd Zabel, expert consensus is that he’ll get off with a warning.

American Apparel likely to become more Canadian. Montreal-based Gildan Activewar has offered $66 million for the brand as AA files for bankruptcy protection, but they don't want the stores. The move might provide a plot twist for the podcast documenting Dov Charney’s new venture. (StartUp producers are fielding criticism that the coverage is too flattering, although they promise to get around to the sketchy side.)

“He was true to his principles and absolutely loyal to everyone around him.” The daughter of Johnny Sombrero, founder and supreme commander of the Black Diamond Riders Motorcycle Club, eulogized the 81-year-old. The Toronto Star’s report on his funeral ended a 53-year run of coverage, dating back to when his gang reportedly “terrorized high school dance halls, staged brawls and administered serious beatings to whoever was considered an opponent.”

Q’s salute to Leonard Cohen ignored one interview. CBC Radio’s arts show delivered its extensive tribute episode in short order on Friday, but the 2009 Q special wasn’t a part of the roundup. That earlier interview was played up as a big deal at the time, thanks in part to then-host Jian Ghomeshi's newfound fame after an on-air confrontation with Billy Bob Thornton. The Ghomeshi/Thornton incident is noted in a new GQ profile of Thornton, in which the details are still up for debate:

“Lone Wolf Tenor” has a new sign for the season. Really, who is better qualified to sing 2016 to a crashing halt than “All Lives Matter” sign-holder Remigio Pereira? Still estranged from the Tenors, he's back with guitarist Pavlo to channel John Lennon.

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Labatt brewery retirees, who have historically received a free 12-pack per week, will now find the perk phased out over the next couple of years.

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