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British Council TeachingEnglish Asia Spring 2017

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We hope you're having a good summer, whether you're on holiday or working.

This edition we bring you details of teacher training projects in Burma and China, reading projects in Malaysia and China, and the new CELTA Online in Singapore.  We also have details of lots of new resources and publications that are available online.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and if you have any questions for us please email the TeachingEnglish Asia team.

News and events
  Trainees mingle speaking to one another

Diversity and Development in South West China

In 2016 an ambitious three year teacher development programme began in Yunnan province in the far south-west of China. The province is noted for its clean air, altitude and above all its ethnic diversity. 

It has turned out being one of the most successful training programmes in China to date, and the lessons learnt there are now having a positive impact on many other projects across China.

Read more about some of the successes of this project.


Methodology master trainers peer observing Promoting sustainability with Burmese teacher educators

As the EfECT project in Burma (Myanmar) draws to a close the focus has turned to ensuring that the benefits of the project are sustainable in the long term.  EfECT trainers are moving into mentoring roles, working with groups of highly capable methodology master trainers and English subject teacher educators.

Find out how the project will be sustainable in the long term. 

  A young woman holds a tablet computer

CELTA Online from the student's perspective

In January 2017, British Council Singapore was proud to become one of the first approved centres in Asia and one of the few British Council centres in the world to offer the Cambridge CELTA Online. This new flexible course allows people with varied and busy schedules to take the CELTA.

We spoke to some of the students from the first cohort and asked them to share their experiences of CELTA Online.


Oil trucks, helicopters and storybooks

Oil trucks, helicopters and storybooks may not seem like three things that belong together but they were all key elements of the first Tok Bali Literacy Project community event at SK Cherang Ruku school in rural Kelantan.

The project aims to foster a love of reading amongst students while using storybooks and storytelling to engage students in the learning of English.

Find out more about this project and the community event.

  A prize winner shows off her winning poster

Easter fun for Kids Read in China

The first year of Kids Read in China neared its end with the final, Easter themed, community event at Pingu No. 8 primary school.

The event had storytelling sessions, competitions, games and a talent show by the students. 

Find out more about what it takes to put on such a big event.

  A group of students sit around a table looking at books and laptops

Applications open for Masters degree in English Language Teaching: Online

Applications are now open for the British Council and University of Southampton online Masters degree in English Language Teaching, starting in September, with the deadline for applications on 31 August. 

Over two and a half years, this part-time masters course will help you to become an inspiring English Language teacher.

The course was developed and is delivered collaboratively by the University of Southampton and the British Council and is open to teachers worldwide.

Find out more and apply now.

  A teacher sits with a young girl helping her to read a book

Online courses - TeachingEnglish Training

Our online training courses and self-study modules form part of the Teaching for Success approach to Continuing Professional Development, offering flexible study options to meet your training and development needs.  

These courses are starting soon so sign up now:


British Council Resources

TeachingEnglish: If you teach teenagers you'll find our teaching tools for teens invaluable.  From the interactive phonemic chart to badge builders, find tools to use in your teenage classroom.

LearnEnglish:  The Britain is GREAT videos are suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. Watch them and find out what is GREAT about Britain and try out the accompanying exercises. 

LearnEnglish Kids:  More videos have been added to the British tales series about famous British legends and historical characters. Each animated story comes with interactive games and a printable worksheet and transcript. These videos and all the other British tales stories can be found in the UK topics section.

LearnEnglish Teens: The audio fiction series, the Survivor, is graded and available in three different levels so your students can choose the one that’s right for them.

Publications: In the Research and Publications section you can download an extensive collection of ELT publications including research papers and resource packs.

Events: Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.



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