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Lonetree Authentic Dry Apple Cider

Occasionally, we veer off the wine path, but not too far. Fun fact: ciders are classified as wines in Ontario! Apple cider is a big deal here since we do grow a lot of apples. Over the years, ciders have evolved from a simple, sweet style, to drier, more refreshing ciders that please the taste buds and can pair well with food. As we ease into fall cuisine, Lonetree Authentic Dry Apple Cider makes for a refreshing and versatile partner.

Tasting Notes: Lonetree Dry Apple Cider is made in a classic style with full, fresh apple flavours and a clean, refreshingly dry finish.

Enjoy With: Pork chops or roast ham with roasted vegetables for a classic match, but also great for brunch or lunch fare like BLTs, quiche, chicken dishes, or salads – especially with an apple cider vinaigrette dressing!

Style: A fruity, full-bodied, dry apple cider.

Terroir/Region: Lonetree sources its apples locally across the country, so if you’re here in Ontario, you are drinking Ontario apples. If you buy Lonetree in BC, you’re drinking cider from Kelowna’s finest apples. Grab a Lonetree in Montreal or Gatineau to taste cidre from les pommes du Quebec. When you purchase Lonetree cider you are supporting a 100% Canadian company and family orchards all across the country!

Producer: Lonetree’s creators started making cider to help save a third-generation family farm from becoming a vineyard. The cider apples growing in the family’s orchards made up the foundation of Lonetree, and soon they needed more apples! Now Lonetree works with over 500 farming families in BC alone, and every time they start in a new province, they get their apples from the locals, supporting more apple-growing families across the country.

AvailabilityLonetree Authentic Dry Cider is available year-round at the LCBO.  Don’t hesitate to pick up this fine “wine” for the weekend!

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Price: $3.20

LCBO #: 127787

Size: 473 mL

Alcohol Content: 5.6% alc./vol.