The surfacing of Kinga Surma. Although her candidacy was surrounded by questions about her relationship with Doug Ford, she took her seat in the provincial legislature without much hoopla. But perhaps Surma was just waiting to become the Ontario PC answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: a fresh-faced dispatcher of potentially viral content:

“I wouldn’t assume any inappropriate motivations for the change.” Brampton mayor Patrick Brown was naturally asked whether Ontario’s regional government review has something to do with the animosity between him and Doug Ford. If Brown does get turfed, it would put a premature end to his days of getting thanked for coming to parties.

No one looks at things with more love than Justin Trudeau. Having honed his talent for looking at nothing through a microscope, the PM visited the West End Phoenix, where he delivered platitudes about supporting journalism—even though details of the government’s new media funding remain hazy.

Liberal candidate is sorry for sounding a little racist. Karen Wang, running for Team Trudeau in the Burnaby South by-election, has removed a Chinese-language WeChat post in which she emphasized that her rival, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, is “of Indian descent!” A poll from Mainstreet Research is showing Singh with a lead in the Vancouver riding.

Danforth shooter stored lots of firepower—and some videos from Alex Jones. Court documents show that the gunman in the summer attack had guns and ammunition in the bedroom to which he never returned. Also found were receipts for $9,130 in cash payments to a community housing facility in Pakistan, and DVD copies of InfoWars productions:

Lac-Mégnatic mayor is aghast that images of the rail disaster show up in Bird Box. Travelers, the Canadian sci-fi series produced for Netflix, was caught using real-life 2013 footage of flames over the small town. And now, mayor Julie Morin believes Netflix’s recent Sandra Bullock vehicle used footage that’s identical to amateur video from the tragedy:

Ghostbusters revival is here to help Jason Reitman’s career. Following the box-office flop of The Front Runner, family connections again come through for the director—who’s making a “secret” sequel to Ghostbusters that stands to vanquish the 2016 female revival. Jason says being the son of Ivan Reitman makes him very qualified for the job.

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