Andrew Scheer gets everyone searching for “Canadian soldiers.” Random outrage on Reddit about Omar Khadr turning up alongside notable veterans on the Google Knowledge Graph was a search engine error. But it spurred enough confusion about how these things work that the Conservative leader should consider this a successful shitpost:

Ryan Gosling braces for being asked his opinion of Doug Ford. A GIF of the actor in an Ontario PC fundraising email was newsworthy enough for the Toronto Star. In other trolling, the Cool brewery of Etobicoke, the last remaining buck-a-beer producer, got much earned media for raising the price of can to $1.25—but they’ll offer a long weekend discount.

“Prince of Pot” denies that he hosted “lotion parties.” Marc Emery posted another Facebook defence in reaction to a Vice News story about his “creepy cannabis empire.” (This version followed coverage from HuffPost Canada about allegations of impropriety, which Emery took similar issue with.)

Let’s talk about the latest criticism of “Cancon tax proposals.” Canadian broadcasters are now lobbying for foreign steaming services to join them in paying into the Canada Media Fund. The CRTC is on their side, but Netflix won’t budge. Michael Geist considers it a contrived crisis not unlike Donald Trump calling on somebody else to pay for a wall.

Drake can live without love from the Junos. Sarah McLachlan was announced as host of the awards show, whose nominations don’t offer much of a story anymore beyond the dearth of women. Also, missing from the nomination list is Canada’s most wanted, who again avoided submitting his stuff:

The mystery of the most expensive bungalow in town. A report from the National Bank of Canada explained how big-city renting is currently cheaper than buying. A case in point, perhaps: the asking price for a Chinatown-adjacent house at 14 Grange:

BuzzFeed staffers outshone by the stellar efforts of a teenage quizmaster. Restructuring has swept staff out of the digital behemoth, with a twist: the revelation that a 19-year-old in Michigan supplied some of the most successful BuzzFeed content for free. Meanwhile, its office in Toronto has been assigned a YouTube project to fight Fake News.

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