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18 December 2015 - DIGITAL MATHS

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As the year draws to an end we have been reflecting on the progress made in Cambridge Mathematics during our first 12 months. We have set up much of the infrastructure and the beginnings of the team that needs to be in place.

We have been successful in growing a community, of which you are part, of interested and informed colleagues and have consulted with them around the world on initiatives that have worked and lessons learned from those that have not.  We have done a lot of research, both desk-based and otherwise, on the structure and content of frameworks generally.

We are now poised to begin the tricky work of bringing all of that together, whilst simultaneously considering what kind of digital strategy we need in order to effectively communicate the Cambridge Mathematics Framework.

We have also initiated our first two small projects – supporting the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) in working towards a professional development framework, and a research project with Wolfram to explore Computer Based Maths with post-16 students.

The New Year will see the next stage of the Framework development and I look forward to sharing this with you.

Best wishes

Question 9 - the digital context

This month’s question is slightly tangential to our main train of thought about the Framework. It arises from our conversations with Wolfram together with the recent visit from Dr David Leigh-Lancaster of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

The VCAA has been carrying out pioneering work in a digital context, in both curriculum and assessment. Conversations with David, together with those with other interested colleagues, have prompted some stimulating questions about the use of digital technology. We know there’s a lot of expertise out there and would value your help in gathering more evidence and information.

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News and events

BLOG: exploring maths in Japan following my recent study visit to schools across Japan.

SEMINAR: we were delighted to welcome Dr David Leigh-Lancaster to host a seminar on computer based maths and his work in Australia. Read more.

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