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UK news


THINK! relaunches its Travel Like You Know Them campaign

THINK! relaunches its Travel Like You Know Them campaign, as part of continued efforts to raise awareness of the 2022 Highway Code changes  Read more...

Driving at work


Fleet Risk: What are the biggest risk factors at-work drivers?

Driving for work remains a risky activity for employees and collisions can be disruptive for businesses. Human impact aside, the Department for Transport has calculated an average cost of £2,522 for cases without any injuries, rising to £2.1m per person for fatalities.  Read more...


Collision Investigation Training

More than a quarter of all road traffic collisions involve people driving for work. With that in mind, TRL has designed a training course to equip Health and Safety, Fleet and Operations Managers responsible for fleet management with the required skills and knowledge to address issues arising from incidents involving company vehicles and staff.  Read more...


How technology is shaping the fleet safety landscape

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has published a free-to-download guide, entitled FORS Focus on Transport Trends: how technology is shaping the fleet safety landscape.  Read more...


Safe System Analysis of Driving for Work Crashes

  Read more...


Fleet Focus Update - Other Road Users

National Highways and Driving for Better Business continue to provide free resources with their new fleet focus update focussing on vulnerable road users.   Read more...

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)


Self-Driving Toolkit

The toolkit provides a set of clear definitions, terminologies and explanations, using plain language for use in self-driving vehicle marketing.  Read more...


The tech-driven roads of tomorrow:

  Read more...

Conferences and events


Keynote Speakers Announced for NETS Annual Strength IN Numbers Conference

  Read more...

Young drivers


Rules around motorway driving for new motorists

In the UK, there are certain rules around motorway driving that new motorists need to be aware of before heading out on the roads. These rules have been updated in recent years, with the latest regulations now permitting learners to use the motorway under certain conditions.  Read more...


How Do Young Provisional Drivers Who Crash Early Compare With Those Who Only Crash Later?

Deaths and injuries arising from road crashes are a major problem in Australia, as throughout the world. It is well recognised that young people represent a high-risk group within the road system.  Read more...

Cycle safety


Cross-modal Intervention to Improve Cyclist Awareness Levels

Cyclists are one of the most over-represented types of road user in road traffic casualty and fatality statistics. These casualties and fatalities occur, in the overwhelming majority of cases, as a result of an interaction with a motorised vehicle  Read more...

Safer vehicles


India Launches NCAP

he Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched an indigenous star-rating system for crash testing cars  Read more...


Europe-wide safety changes to HGV design

Research by Loughborough University has led to the creation of a new European standard for HGV design which will help prevent hundreds of people from being killed or seriously injured each year.  Read more...

Safer roads


New Interactive Reports webpage demos cool potential of data analytics

A new Interactive Reports webpage from iRAP illustrate examples of cool data analytics  Read more...

Safer drivers


Call for evidence – Driver licensing for people with medical conditions

As the volume and complexity of driving licence applications or renewals where the applicant has 1 or more medical condition increases, the government believes that the time is right to review the existing legal framework.  Read more...

Speed management


Vehicle speed compliance statistics for Great Britain: 2022

DfT's statistical release presents estimates of vehicle compliance with speed limits in free-flowing conditions on roads in Great Britain.  Read more...


Lower Urban Speed Limits in Europe

PACTS latest research confirms that 20mph limits backed by physical measures have substantially greater speed and casualty reduction benefits than those without.  Read more...

Community safety


Birmingham announces an extensive road safety campaign

Authorities in Birmingham have announced an extensive road safety campaign, including ‘relentless enforcement of the rules of the road’, after a number of recent deaths caused by ‘unacceptable acts of road violence’.  Read more...


School Safety Zone Toolkit roll out in Asia

A structured guide developed by EASST to support schools and communities in implementing community-led road safety projects  Read more...

Forthcoming events

Cenex Connected Automated Mobility Exhibition – 6 September 2023

European Traffic Education Seminar 2023 – 12 September 2023

TyreSafe Annual Briefing – 14 September 2023

Understanding the Impacts of Road Trauma: The Effects on Professional Drivers – 14 September 2023

The Australasian Road Safety Conference 2023 – 19 September 2023

Musculoskeletal disorders and whole body vibration from driving: Manage the risk to your workforce – 25 September 2023

Delivering The Safe System Approach – 25 September 2023

ScORSA Driver Behaviour and Enforcement Event – 26 September 2023

Delivering The Safe System Approach – 2 October 2023

ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor National Conference & Expo – 8 October 2023

Collision Investigation Training – 10 October 2023

NETS 2023 Annual Strength IN Numbers® Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference – 10 October 2023

EU Road Safety Exchange Launch Event – 18 October 2023

ICE Live – 18 October 2023

Delivering the Safe System Approach – 23 October 2023

2023 National Road Safety Conference – 15 November 2023

Brake’s Road Safety Week – 19 November 2023

Driving Instructors Association conference 2023 – 24 November 2023

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards 2023 – 12 December 2023


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