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An optimized brand delivers a higher return by placing the right message, in front of the right people where they choose to respond—to inquire, join, click through, enroll or buy. We call it the point of choice. We’ve covered the value of strong positioning and defining your audiences. Now place your message where they’re looking.

Know your demographic
Each of the four generations currently in the workforce have unique perceptions, expectations and characteristics that shape how they interact. Here is a brief snapshot of each generation.

Matures/Traditionalists (born 1925 to 1945): Dependable and hardworking. They value formal and straightforward communication.

Boomers (born 1946 to 1964): Well-educated, career-focused, time-starved. Communicate via email and will still read traditional publications.

Generation X (born 1965 to 1984): Savvy and self-reliant. Crave a shared experience.

Generation Y/Millennials (born 1985 to 2010): Idealistic and tech-savvy. Desire authenticity and expect instant feedback.

Placing an ad in the local newspaper MAY attract the older generations, but won’t reach Millennials. And a strong social media campaign won’t be as effective for Boomers. Don’t spread your budget thin by being all things to all people. A focused strategy will be more effective.

For a more comprehensive look at each generation, download our generational perspectives guidelines. For more on the point of choice, check out these other resources:
    > Our free point of choice worksheet will help you decide where to focus your marketing budget for the highest return
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Millennials every organization
According to a recent article in USA Today, Millennials now make up the largest demographic in the United States. That’s huge! And it means it’s time to start paying attention. They may not be your primary audience, but they’re shifting how we communicate and interact with brands. Our next issue will highlight the top strategies for marketing in today’s world.

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