Facebook is given the grill on Parliament Hill. Mark Zuckerberg couldn't be bothered to make it, so the ethics committee had to settle for Facebook's Canadian public policy head, Kevin Chan, who was apologetic about FB's data leakages being whistleblown by a guy who did work for the Liberals. Facebook has also now been unliked by one Canadian musician concerned about privacy:

Maxime Bernier’s printed rants will have to wait a while. An excerpt from Doing Politics Differently: My Vision for Canada blames “fake Conservatives” for helping Andrew Scheer swipe the party leadership. But the book's publication has been cancelled by Bernier, because he’d rather not create division. Fear not: Paul Wells was still able to write at length about why this book will be better off unread.

Who knows what lurks in the heart of Sam Oosterhoff? The 20-year-old MPP got a star turn on The Agenda, where he adeptly dodged questions about being absent during controversial votes. (Oost says it’s about listening to his constituents.) Steve Paikin praised him for being a sophisticated voice of authority when things came crashing down for Patrick Brown. And when the host asked Oosterhoff to show off his singing talent, the youngster obliged:

“Because he may be Donald Trump. But I am not Hillary Clinton. And Ontario is not the United States of America. We can't let it happen again. Not here, not ever.” Kathleen Wynne tweeted about her Ontario PC rival, while the Liberal party posted more memes with slippery quotes. Stay tuned to see how many more times the Toronto Star can put both Ford and Trump in the same column headline.

The little paper that grew an agenda to elect Doug Ford. Toronto Sun provincial election plans are spelled out in an apparent editorial document obtained by Canadaland. The sensibilities fall perfectly in line with the political persuasion of Postmedia's top boss, Paul Godfrey—not to mention former Postmedia board chair Rod Phillips, who's running in Ajax. Meanwhile, the tabloid is busy making videos like “INSIDE A NUDIST SEX RESORT,” which tries to make up for a lack of erotic visual excitement with cerebral captions:

Cryptocurrency cultural appropriation at Bunz. The local bartering service recently launched BTZ, a digital currency—likely part of a scheme to make Bunz appear more viable to its venture investors. But the startup has admitted that, for now, hoarding BTZ isn’t materially different from collecting Air Miles:

Kraft Dinner in a time of ingredient-obsessed parenting. The mysteries of boxed macaroni and cheese seemed key to its exalted status as Canadiana kitsch. But when the dorm-room staple fell under fire for its synthetic dyes, Kraft shifted its marketing to millennial irony, emphasizing the initials “KD.” Now a new commercial features a mom leveraging a pot of KD to indulge her fantasies of striking back at passive-aggressive Stepford Wives.

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Amsterdam Brewery issued a cease-and-desist to rival Bandit Brewery for naming a craft beer after Pearson's airport code

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