Ontario Liberal press officers can’t stop partying. At this point, @LibPressSec could easily be mistaken for a parody account, given its use of a Doug Ford meme inspired by “Is This a Pigeon?," and its decision to share a Toronto Sun assault on Andrea Horwath’s clothing costs. Meanwhile, the premier herself is going for smugly sarcastic contrition:

“Horwath’s hands full with poppy hating, 9/11 denying, Hitler meme posting and female oil wrestling dream team.” The Toronto Sun's attack on the NDP is now officially a three-ring circus. Tasleem Riaz, the NDP candidate accused of posting the Nazi meme, is doing her best to refute the allegation. Still, the Ontario PCs seem to be in no danger of losing their white supremacist enthusiasts.

Mathing stuff up with Doug Ford. The lack of a proper PC platform is offset by promises of a buck a beer, lower gas prices and the firing of Hydro One’s “Six Million Dollar Man.” Somewhere up there, Rob Ford was bellylaughing at his brother being roped into a debate with two women who know better:

The last spin for Andy Frost on Q107. Following the exits of longtime DJs Al Joynes and John Scholes, Andy Frost, the host of Psychedelic Sunday, bid a ceremonial farewell to the retro show he initiated in 1985. Frost has no plans to retire—and he has no clue what Q107 is planning without him.

Front-row seats to rejection for the Blue Jays. Love died within earshot of some Toronto pitchers on Friday night in Philadelphia, where the players couldn't avoid hearing a breakup in the stands. “Lovely entertainment for a few minutes, but we hope you’re ok," tweeted John Axford. "Feel free to come back tomorrow and discuss with us. We can provide the third party point of view.” Alas, the follow-up counselling had to be digitally dispensed:

Cadence Weapon is here to be the Jane Jacobs of hip-hop. Edmonton’s former poet laureate Rollie Pemberton, who moved from Montreal to Toronto in 2015 and couldn’t easily find a desirable downtown rental, has a track written from the perspective of a real estate agent with no concern for community:

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Councillor Michael Thompson is defending his decision to stay in a $919-per-night Hollywood hotel room, among other expenses incurred in the name of economic development.

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