Twin tales of surreal real estate. The Toronto Star sourced a story about four bros renting a home in Forest Hill from a tweet about possibly scaring the neighbours. And then there's this piece about an Upper Beach semi, which will be sold to whoever submits the most compelling essay with their bid:

“Mother’s Day dinner RUINED by actual MOUSE at our table!” A customer at the Mandarin at Yonge and Eglinton claimed to have photographic proof of a rodent out in the open. The buffet responded with a promise to research this further. But a Reddit thread raises doubt about whether what actually looks to be a rat would end up dying in this fashion

Ford Nation wants its members chanting a different slogan. “Lock Her Up” chants have been condemned by Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne. Doug Ford previously appeared to chuckle at these tributes to Trump, but now he’s urging supporters to simmer down. Meanwhile, his campaign now has an official anthem. It really puts the “folks” in folk song:

Anarchy symbols have been designated “hate speech” in Hamilton. The Tower, an organization that figured in the March riots on Locke Street, was ordered to remove the circle A from plywood covering its smashed windows. The Tower complied, but questions remain about whether a symbol can be hateful when it doesn’t target any specific group.

Designated Survivor is being run out of town. ABC’s fall schedule doesn’t include the Kiefer Sutherland series, in which he runs the U.S. from a Toronto replica of the Oval Office. Aside from low ratings and turmoil behind the scenes, Sutherland's contract stipulated that production would move to pricier L.A. for season three. There are hopes that Netflix will save the show. Either way, those local location sightings are probably out of the picture:

Burton Cummings has been rattled by a car crash. The aftermath of an accident has spurred the singer to quit Facebook. Before logging off, Cummings shared graphic details of how a dismissal from L.A. jury duty, which he requested in order to sing “O Canada” for the Winnipeg Jets, was followed with misfortune:

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Joe Warmington is on the case of this mysterious graffiti, found on the front of a Walmart in Mississauga.

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