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Welcome to Disability Arts International, a website and newsletter from the British Council and Europe Beyond Access.

In this newsletter, we share the latest Europe Beyond Access commission, Rose La Rose; explore Canada's disability arts scene; discover what a digital residency programme might look like; introduce Europe Beyond Access artist, Giuseppe Comuniello; and, encourage you to fill in an important survey aimed at making international touring more sustainable and inclusive.

Two bodies from above bathed in bluish-bronze light, on a soft flokati carpet. They are wearing transparent tracksuits, their skin color is white, they are barefoot. The person on the left rests their arms on their drawn knees, holds their left wrist with their right hand. The head falls between the
Rose La Rose. Photo by Jonas Fischer.

Rose La Rose

The latest Europe Beyond Access commission, Rose La Rose, produced by German partner, Kampnagel premiered on 25 February. In Rose La Rose, the choreographer duo Rykena/Jüngst together with performers Amelia Cavallo and Tian Rotteveel dive into the obscure and erotic world of show culture and spectacle. The performance also features artistic audio description, intertwining visual and auditory spaces of perception. 

Rose La Rose is available to watch in full until 7 March.

An audience discussion with the creative team behind Rose La Rose is also available.

Three artists stare into the camera as if watching a film. They're naked but covered by a black cinema curtain.

Country Profile: Canada (northern Turtle Island)

Canadian-born, Scottish disabled artist Sandra Alland looks at the disability arts scene in Canada, a country which is geographically dispersed, facing multiple social and political challenges, but with a recently improved funding landscape.

Learn about Canada's disability arts sector.
Group of 4 disabled performers stand in a line on stage

Perform Europe Survey

Companies and organisations with expertise in barrier-free touring of work by disabled performing artists are encouraged to complete the PERFORM EUROPE survey – ensuring a new pilot European touring model supports disabled artists.

Take the Perform Europe survey.
Two men in white shirts dance together, Giuseppe with long dark hair tied up

EBA introduces...Giuseppe Comuniello

Our latest profile film features Giuseppe Comuniello, a visually impaired dancer and choreographer from Italy. His work, spanning both stage and screen, demonstrates a broad range of interests including differences in perspectives, the haptic realm of touch, group dynamics, and streams of consciousness.

Watch Giuseppe Comuniello's film.
Art installation featuring multiple TV screens piled onto each other

Vital Capacities: accessible digital residency programme

Joe Turnbull speaks to Jamie Wyld, curator and founder of videoclub, about their new digital residency programme, Vital Capacities, which has been built from the ground up to be accessible to artists and audiences.

Read more about Vital Capacities.
Sculpture of life-size artwork of a figure resembling an astronaut within an exhibition

Best of the net: What does it mean to be human, now?

UK museum, Wellcome Collection, has launched two short films as part of its ongoing season responding to its new permenant collection, Being Human. They feature a cross-section of its community and collaborators including disabled artists Jess Thom, the vacuum cleaner and Dolly Sen responding to the question, 'What does it mean to human, now?'

Watch the Wellcome Collection films.
Woman dancer next to Male wheelchair dancer, both are reaching out with one hand while the other hands are intertwined

Featured company profile: Vertigo Power of Balance

New to our database of disabled artists and inclusive companies this month is Israeli integrated dance company Vertigo Power of Balance, whose programme includes classes, workshops and performances in Israel and abroad, collaborating with renowned choreographers like Sharon Fridman.

Find out more about Vertigo Power of Balance

Join our database of disabled artists and inclusive companies.
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