The family of the founder of Pizza Pops would rather make their own. Belated attention for the February 6 death of Paul Faraci, who created the first Pizza Pop in 1964, allowed his great-nephew to float the possibility of selling the original recipe from food trucks in Winnipeg. News of Faraci’s death spread as a result of an old-fashioned print notice:

Sam the Record Man's sign reinstallation price more than tripled for Ryerson. The Eyeopener found that putting the spinning discs above 277 Victoria cost $841,510—along with an estimated monthly maintenance cost of $1,110. (Ryerson’s then-president Sheldon Levy was critical of the original estimated $250,000 cost of the job in 2011.)

#DontCensor campaign takes on the big media billboards. Opponents of the FairPlay Coalition effort to block rogue streaming websites are hoping to lure 50,000 intervention letters to the CRTC. Telecom giants scored a recent victory against the website TVAddons—but the broader blocking idea has drawn extensive criticism. Some outdoor downtown messaging strives to keep things polite.

“Oh Canada! Prime Minister Trudeau’s budget—and the smart, women-centred policy that guides it—is leadership in action.” U2's Bono can still get headlines for commenting on Canadian politics. This time, he praised a budgetary boost to foreign aid spending. However, the cash-strapped newspaper industry still hasn't found what it's looking for.

Where will all the leftover tourist weed go? The federal budget provided a reminder that recrational cannabis taxation will soon be real. But there’s the matter of how visitors to Canada will go about disposing of their excess weed before they clear international customs. Fortunately, there's already an established American airport model to follow.

Sasha Reid has become a murder story fan fave. The developmental criminologist from U of T, who created a database to understand why people kill, claims that adding victim names to it inspired her to call 911 last summer to talk to a detective about a potential serial killer in the Gay Village. Reid’s imperfect profiling has gained greater attention now that Toronto Police are being criticized for taking so long to catch alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur. But she cautions against such finger-pointing:

The mystery of the Globe and Mail story about Moses Znaimer. Frank noted that three reporters have spent the past three months asking around about the Zoomer Media boss, for what sounds like a Globe article about his workplace history. Steve Anthony also addressed the surrounding chatter on Toronto Mike'dwhere he speculated that "there's probably a lot of shit that's gonna happen."

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The name of a doorbell company that Amazon paid a billion or two for. Five years ago, founder Jamie Siminoff rejected a lame deal from Kevin O'Leary.

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