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January Newsletter

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Pepsi Beverages Company

Area Operating Plan

Each year we are privileged to be called in to work on a variety of regional Pepsi presentation materials that outlines product focus for the upcoming year. The 2016 AOP campaign consisted of enlarged dimensional product standees, banners, and new product sample boxes to get the events audiences excited.


Pepsi Beverages Company

Vending Trophies

turn SiGnal researched and purchased large trophy cups and had them engraved for distribution to a select group of PepsiCo employee winners. Capping off the trophy was a custom dimensional vending machine collage that is surging out of the cup.


Pepsi Beverages Company

Digital Sports Advertising

Pepsi continues to partner with some of the most popular sporting figures around. And this year was no different as we were able to create digital banner and web advertising for Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as Kyrie Irving, aka “Uncle Drew” of the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Pepsi Beverages Company

Science Museum Event Promotion

A special one-of-a-kind static cling was created to promote a very special engagement at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Select stores will be displaying the upcoming Pterosaurs “Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs” exhibit that is being launched at the end of this month.


Rearview Mirror

Another year in the books, as we celebrate Anthony’s [2010] and Jackie’s [1999] work anniversaries.

We enjoyed ourselves at the Automated Packaging Systems celebratory dinner for the completion of their new website.

Four weeks and counting until Bill and wife will enjoy a Punta Cana weekend getaway.



One families funny Christmas cards over the years

Unexpected clothing labels

Quite possibly the best use of sample paint chips



Ohio’s largest free outdoor music festival has contracted team turn SiGnal to handle their marketing and design needs for 2016.

Several new exotic ice cream flavors are being added to our clients product lineup.