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Happy National Fruit at Work Day!

On October 4, join us in celebrating the second annual National Fruit at Work Day! Read on for how to participate. Plus, an ode to pears, keeping your cool in the office during election season, gearing up for winter workouts, and more.


National Fruit at Work Day

On October 4, join us in celebrating the food that fuels our busy work life: fruit! This annual holiday will change the way you think about snacking—and bring fruit to the forefront of your workday.

Want to be part of this momentous occasion? Here are three ways to participate.

Cast Your Ballot—For Civility

Office etiquette for the election season

With the 2016 presidential election just around the corner, “office politics” may be taking on a new meaning. We’ve got tips for how to handle election conversations at the office in WorkLife.

From D’Anjou to Seckel: The Pleasure of Pears


How to find your favorite variety of one of fall’s best fruits

Coming in a range of colors, textures, and flavor profiles, pears can perk up a salad, round out a veggie dish, or stand on their own. Miriam Wolf gives you the lowdown on this versatile fall fruit in Food.

What We Do All Day

Exploring the meaning of work in America

What do you do all day and what does it mean to you? Is your work who you are? Is it important? And to whom? A national multimedia project looks at work and collects workers’ stories. Learn more in WorkLife.

Gear Up for Cold Weather

Keep your workouts outdoors this winter

Winter is coming. But you don’t have to let a little cold and dark derail your fitness routine. Mark Saltveit tells you how and why to continue your workout through winter in Fitness.

Ask The FruitGuys

Q: What are the rough brown spots on my apple?

A: Known as “russeting,” this brownish, netlike texture appears on certain varieties of apples and pears. Russeted patches are not only edible, they tend to have a nutty flavor.

Weekly Fruit Videos


Every week, we provide short, fun, and informative videos about fruit that’s in your box. Videos are organized by region on our website, or you can view them on our YouTube channel or on Facebook.

Snack Smarter!

Introducing a smarter way to snack! Our 1-oz snack packs are the perfect‪ size to satisfy a craving, and the ideal companion to a piece of our delicious farm-fresh fruit. Visit fruitguys.com/snacks for more info. Call us now at 1-877-378-4863 or email us at info@fruitguys.com to start snacking smarter.