Hey everyone! As you may have heard, we launched our fancy new website today after months of hard, behind-the-scenes work. The launch has gone super well, and one thing in particular was nice: we were featured on Product Hunt! Check us out!

Motion Sickness


First up, here’s a guide to structuring CSS class selectors with Sass [sitepoint].

Here’s an intro to React for snake people [reactdesigners].

But if you’re a snake person who wants a job at Google, maybe skip React and check out their solution, Incremental DOM [medium/google-developers].

Slow, crappy internet provides some valuable lessons for web developers [medium/@zengabor].

React-Motion [github/chenglou] is a really nice JavaScript tool for smooth animations.

Slight Security Lapse


Oh great, a new bug for OpenSSL [openssl]. Patch up!

Here’s a look at how one PHP dev uses CoreOS and Docker to get stuff done [jverdeyen].

This is a really practical, useful workflow for developing and deploying to sites that require PHP and MySQL [smashingmagazine].

Here are 10 good reasons to go HTTPS [medium/@guypod].

React and Meteor: a match made in heaven [react-in-meteor].

Here’s everything you need to know about the move from io.js and Joyent to the Node Foundation [sitepoint].

Icon and On


Here’s a guide to surviving under a small design budget and a client that wants a site that looks like Apple [blog.invisionapp].

And here’s a fun little history of icons [historyoficons].

Thinking of designing a portfolio site? Here’s some inspiration [sixrevisions].



Ever wonder how we came up with this newsletter and our new platform? Here’s the full story [sitepoint].

IBM just produced the most powerful computer chips ever [qz]. They’re the width of a few strands of DNA.

You think that’s cool? Well, this researcher just built an organic computer by wiring four rat brains together [motherboard.vice]. Your move, IBM.

iMore recently got a bit of stick for their site’s weight, and the horrible, gigantic ads that caused it. Here’s editor Rene Ritchie’s excellent response [imore]. Required reading for any web publisher imo.

Atomic Slack [atomicslack] will send you an email summary of everything you missed from your Slack channels. Isn’t it great how we no longer need email now that we have Slack?

This Chrome extension is a super low-friction way to add stuff to Trello [chrome.google].

User testing is really painful, but worth it. Tips from SitePoint product manager Kyle Vermeulen [sitepoint].

This is a bonkers story about a pair of IT professionals who ended up becoming embroiled in the world of drug trafficking, all while trying to subtly sabotage their employers [bloomberg]. The logical sequel to Breaking Bad.

Turns out that OPM hack was bigger than everyone thought. As in: the largest in US history, with 21.5 million people affected [buzzfeed].

Apple Music: Buggy, complicated, flawed. It’s going to do really well [theverge].

High, Robot

Everything else

Here’s every comment ever made on Reddit, available for research [reddit].

Tips [tips.60devs] is an interesting way to reward devs and others who help you out.

Finally, Linus Torvalds says you must be on drugs if you’re scared of AI [theinquirer]. If you insist, Linus.


Those were the best links I could find today. Or, I should say, the best links we could find today, since so many came from all you new amazing Versioning users. This is really fun, let's do it again next week!

- Adam