Monday 30 July 2018

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We’re well settled into our new offices at the Triangle and are already benefitting from the  advantages of meeting colleagues informally as well as increased collaborative opportunities. Two of the other pluses in this month's extremely hot weather have been the air conditioning combined with very attractive outside spaces to work or relax – we were just not used to the heat!

The ISDDE conference in Galway, attended by all the team, also benefitted from the heatwave. Ireland really is glorious and the welcome was as warm as the weather. We eagerly anticipated the announcement of the 2018 prize winner  and were delighted when Nick Jackiw’s name was read out. Nick is the designer of Geometer’s Sketchpad and although there are now several excellent dynamic geometry packages, this was ground breaking at the time. You can read more about his amazing career at

Our own team have been making the news too: Darren’s book ‘Teaching Statistics’, written in partnership with our colleague Will Hornby, was published by CUP and has already received very positive feedback, and Lucy was made a Founding Fellow of the new Chartered College of Teaching here in the UK. Internationally the team had papers accepted at PME in Sweden and the ICOTS conference in Kyoto, in each case sharing the progress we have made on the framework and contributing to discussions on curriculum design. See below for details of more conferences which we have in the pipeline.

In the next newsletter I will be able to report on a trip to India to work with teachers and meet with curriculum designers and policy makers: Rachael and I are in the final stages of planning that now.

Meanwhile we’re all taking a short summer break and if you too are taking time off, we wish you clement weather and an enjoyable rest.

Best wishes,

Our new address

Just a reminder that our new address is:

Cambridge Mathematics
The Triangle Building
Shaftesbury Road

All our other contact details remain the same.


Every two months we bring you an Espresso – a small but intense draft of filtered research on mathematics education. Espresso 13 examines how research might help in the effective teaching of early measurement.

What else is new...

Darren's new book and Lucy's Fellowship are just the latest ways in which the team have been making the news. 

The More page on our website lists the books, magazines and other publications, both hard copy and electronic, to which they have been contributing. This is a good page to keep an eye on as the team expands its horizons.

And speaking of team expansion we are hoping to add at least two new members to the team in the near future - more about this in our next newsletter!  

Upcoming events

Apart from Lynne and Rachael's trip to India at the end of the month, August will be relatively quiet for the team, allowing them a well-earned respite before September brings the next round of conferences:

Lucy will be presenting at the researchED 2018 National Conference in London on 08 September. Every year this conference brings educators together to discuss how using evidence can improve education.

Ellen has had a paper accepted for the BERA annual conference at Northumbria University, Newcastle. This conference, held from 11 to 13 September, provides educational researchers the opportunity to network and exchange and explore ideas both within and outside their areas of expertise.  

For more information on these and other events in the mathematics calendar, visit the Events section of our website.

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