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Terredavino Barbera d’Asti DOCG 2017

You’re running out the door 5 minutes late, the dinner party is 20 minutes away and you have to stop at the LCBO to pick up a bottle of wine on the way. Maybe you can make up that 5 minutes and arrive on time if you know what to buy, but do you have a “go-to” wine? Meet Terredavino Barbera d’Asti. Barbera has been northern Italy’s “go-to” for a long time, but if you’ve never heard of this grape before, now is the perfect time to discover it! If it becomes your new go-to wine (and we think it might), you should stock up to save yourself the last-minute trip to the LCBO.

Tasting Notes: Terredavino Barbera d’Asti is packed full of plump red and dark berry flavours with soft tannins and the grape’s signature bright acidity, making it a great food wine. Dry on the palate, the wine shows a smoothness and balance which is best enjoyed in its youthful freshness – no need to age this wine longer than it takes to get the bottle open!

Enjoy With: Pizza and pasta (it is an Italian go-to wine after all), but also with burgers, pork chops or beef tacos.

Style: A fresh, fruity, medium-bodied red wine.

Terroir/Region: Barbera is the go-to red grape of Piedmont, Italy where some of the country’s most legendary wines are sourced. The sub-region of Asti counts Barbera as one of its specialties, making a range of wines from fresh and fruity like Terradavino Barbera, to wines that see periods in oak barrels gaining notes of tobacco and spice.

Producer: Terredavino is a co-op representing over 2500 growers in Piedmont, Italy, growing on over 5000 hectares of land, and only making DOC and DOCG (top quality, government regulated) wines. With access to so many unique vineyards in the region, the co-op is able to blend its wines to reflect the best its homeland can offer at an affordable, everyday price.

Availability: Terredavino Barbera d’Asti 2017 can be found year-round in the Italy section of your local LCBO. Pick up a bottle tonight; your new go-to is waiting for you!

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Price: $11.95

LCBO#: #629840

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 12.5% alc./vol.