The Goods: Issue 26 Graffiti: Banksy


What makes a good producer? Obviously, a good many things but empathy is key. As this interview reveals – good producers facilitate without judgement and foster creative environments that flourish. 👌


Simon says there are four factors to blame for millennial entitlement: parenting, tech, impatience and environment. And it’s a lack of good leadership that’s making them feel the way they do. 👀


Futurist Thomas Frey reckons in a decade or so kids will be receiving personalised lesson plans thanks to machine learning tutor bots. The future of education looks scary good. 🤖


Speaking of machine learning, French agency Snips created this six-minute intro to AI – for those eager to understand the trending industry and all of its key buzzwords. 💡


Thanks to a star-studded production team, 100 Years is a gorgeous animation that relays how Planned Parenthood came about and its contribution to women’s reproductive rights. Our favourite line? “These doors stay open.” 👭


Collaboration and research are two of our favourite things and now there’s a platform for – you guessed it – collaborative research. Arena is everything we look for in a tool – straightforward, useful and easy on the eye. ✍️

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