Who built the house known as Ontario Proud? Shitposting specialists were on the hot seat during a House of Commons ethics committee meeting. On the same day, mandatory financial disclosures revealed who donated to its anti-Liberal advocacy:

Ron Taverner and the “large camper type vehicle.” OPP interim commissioner Brad Blair is seeking more scrutiny of his permanent replacement, Ron Taverner, because of questions about Taverner's relationship with Doug Ford. Blair also alleges that the premier’s chief of staff requested that a customized OPP camper be kept off the books. Ontario PCs dispute the claims.

“We are trying to come to a point where we feel we have not corrupted the artistic intent.” LightSpell co-artist Jan Elder says he could live with a list of blacklisted words being posted near the deactivated interactive spelling artwork at Pioneer Village station. The artists and the TTC hope to strike a committee to determine which words are wrong:

Donald Trump would “certainly intervene” over Huawei. Meng Wanzhou was released on $10 million bail in Vancouver as she awaits possible extradition to the U.S. But now she has someone in the White House paying attention to her case.

Bloor Viaduct gets a 100-year plaque. The bridge that opened on October 18, 1918 had its construction immortalized in Michael Ondaatje’s book In the Skin of a Lion and its “Luminous Veil” suicide barrier barrier noted in the Constanines song “National Hum.” And now it has a historical marker:

“How old is Dolly Parton?” was the past year’s second-most-asked question typed to Google Canada. She fell between similar queries about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Google doesn’t mention porn queries, which remain huge for Yahoo.

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