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Lonnie Bullard to serve as Envision Utah Chair

Envision Utah's board of directors has named Lonnie Bullard as the new chair of the board of Envision Utah.

Lonnie is a longtime member of Envision Utah's executive committee and began his term as chair at the start of the new year. Professionaly, Lonnie is chairman of the board of directors at Jacobsen Construction Company. He has been there for 20 years, and spent 15 of those years as Jacobsen's CEO.

Lonnie replaces Dan Lofgren who served as Envision Utah's chair since 2012 and helped lead Envision Utah through the Your Utah, Your Future visioning process.

The board also named two new vice chairs. Bonnie Jean Beesley, former chair of the Utah Board of Regents and Ty McCutcheon, vice president of Kennecott Land, joined Natalie Gochnour and Alan Matheson as vice chairs.

A number of new board members were also selected. They will be introduced at the next board meeting in March.

Click here to see the official press release for Envision Utah's new chair appointment.