“King of the County” accused of gross misconduct. Norman Hardie, the winery owner largely credited with transforming Prince Edward County into a hotspot, is the subject of a Globe and Mail article in which three women describe unwanted sexual contact with him and 18 more describe behaviour akin to sexual harassment. “I do not physically grab people or touch them against their will,” says Hardie at the start of the story:

“But in the words of a song that some may understand/It is time to pass/Pass the bill/Pass the dutchie to the left hand side/And senators, if you don’t understand the last line, I will explain outside.” Senator Jim Munson possibly misinterpreted the tune (co-written by Toronto reggae legend Jackie Mittoo), but the senate still approved Canada's cannabis legalization bill. Health Canada now reminds you that recreational weed is illegal until it receives royal assent.

Will Jagmeet Singh survive to take on Justin Trudeau? Buyer's remorse might be a factor in the Conservative rout of the Liberals in the Chicoutimi by-election. It's a riding that the NDP won in 2011, though they were barely a factor this time. So, the federal leader will have to keep finding different ways to differentiate his viewpoint:

Donald Trump’s shoe-smuggling accusation traced to an expat’s rant. Isabel Vincent wrote a New York Post column about Toronto friends and family crossing the border to buy stuff. The piece appears to have been the inspiration for POTUS’s remark about folks smuggling scuffed-up shoes because of massive tariffs. The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America responded by inviting all Canadians to keep scuffing things up.

Scotiabank Arena will have 20 years to get you to stop calling it the “ACC.” The Air Canada Centre’s naming rights are about to expire. The revised Scotiabank signage is about what you'd expect, plus there’ll be a bigger screen for Jurassic Park:

Mike Myers sees a Gong Show gig as “punk rock.” ABC is doing a second summer of its Gong Show revival, hosted by Myers’ alter-ego Tommy Maitland. After an awkward attempt to promote the show in-character last year, he’s now doing it as himself. This time around, the prank seems to be Myers pretending that the character is subversive:

“Anorexic Bunny” may not have been so funny. York Regional Police went viral in March 2016 when they sent out an alert about a rabbit-suited man handing out candy in Stouffville while dancing. Cops concluded that he was “just trying to spread some Easter cheer.” Wayne Rose, the man in the “Anorexic Bunny” costume, has now been arrested and charged with 16 sexual offences.

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The celebrity status of the 600-pound swine is helping to fundraise $651,000 to buy the University of Guelph a CT scanner large enough for her.

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