Doug Ford on the dark side of the Sunshine List. The annual disclosure of public sector salaries found the Ontario PC leader teeing off about “fat cats and insiders.” But still, a new anonymous postering effort is trying to prevent DoFo from becoming premier—at the risk of looking smooth:

The state of campaigning on Facebook. The anti-Liberal Facebook feed Ontario Proud has now been noticed enough to merit a rival, Ontario Pride. Another meme-maker, North99, is gaining traction thanks to quiet Liberal ties. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the pundits have lined up to call Facebook a threat to democracy, but it won't matter if Canadians don't change the ways they use it.

Sweet Jesus rejects any divine frozen dessert intervention. “Remove offensive Antichrist imagery immediately” is the demand of one petition, addressed to Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, which seemed at first glance to be part of a trolling exercise. But the owners of Sweet Jesus, a Toronto-based ice cream chain, were eventually pushed to take these objections seriously. (They have decided to stick to their current branding "after a lot of thought.") The anti-Sweet Jesus campaign took two months to reach its target:

A gentrification triptych from the Toronto Star. A look at the trend of “renovictions” features five roommates at 795 College who were ordered out of their building in favour of new tenants who paid thrice the price. Meanwhile, storeowners in Little Jamaica are worried that the Eglinton Crosstown will doom businesses weakened by construction. And the owner of the Saigon Flower restaurant on Queen West, who has refused every offer to be bought by the Drake Hotel, is optimistic that her restaurant will only get more business.

Did the anarchist rioters of Hamilton return with a rebrand? Duelling protests in Hamilton were inspired by an earlier riot by a masked mob calling themselves “The Ungovernables.” This time, an event called “Patriot Walk on Locke” brought out counter-protestors who called themsevles “Hamilton Against Fascism.” Naturally, some observers wondered whether the latter were just anarchists. A muffled marcher would neither confirm nor deny:

CTV has little to say about the sudden exit of Scott Laurie. The news anchor didn’t turn up on CTV News Channel for his Saturday shift, and his official biography and Twitter account have both been scrubbed. CBC News even called to ask what was up—and only got this much of an answer:

Neil Young keeps on rockin’ in some world or another. Promotion for Young's Netflix movie, Paradox, finds him continuing his rant about how music has been “GMO’d to death,” and how technology is terrible. But he’s excited to be working with his girlfriend Daryl Hannah—who was on Frank D’Angelo's payroll just a few years ago. Young also just inspired “Weird Al” Yankovic to play guitar on stage for the first time on “Cinnamon Girl."

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Steven Page reunited with the Barenaked Ladies for the Juno Awards, and slipped this lyrical change into their encore.

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