TIFF didn’t come back for you. No one is more aware of the film fest than the King streetcar passengers sent on their annual diversion. Meanwhile, those going to the Scotiabank Theatre can be secure in the knowledge that a certain Helsinki-based escalator company takes its new maintenance responsibilities seriously:

“You’re on our ground and there’s zero tolerance. You will not be welcomed back if you violate any of these rules.” TIFF’s outgoing chief Piers Handling lays down a new code of conduct. New standards include telling patrons not to yell at the volunteers.

Donald Trump is the real president of TIFF. POTUS is expected to come up a lot this weekend, including at a screening of an interrogation of Steve Bannon by Errol Morris, American Dharma. And the 30-year Michael Moore tradition of this launchpad to lament the state of the U.S.A. isn’t about to stop:


The deleted back pages of Now Magazine. Adult classifieds will no longer be printed in the alt-weekly, deferring to the internet’s “robust marketplace.” The change coincides with Now’s inspiration, the Village Voice, ceasing all publication after 63 years.

The Pointer arrives just in time for Patrick Brown. Former Toronto Star reporter San Grewal has launched a journalism outlet for Brampton. Behind its paywall are the results of a Forum Research poll that show Brown with 33 per cent support, compared to 41 per cent for mayor Linda Jeffrey. 

Jagmeet Singh is walking a tight tightrope. John Ivison has a column about how the NDP is pondering a new leader if its current one fails to win the Burnaby South byelection. For now, Singh is getting limited exposure in the NDP’s fundraising pitches, while the others stay fixated upon this face:

Everybody’s talking about refusing to talk about Faith Goldy. Graeme Gordon’s transcript of talk with the fringe mayoral candidate was criticized for failing to address her past comments on topics like “white genocide.” Gordon has admitted to these lapses, and Canadaland has Jesse Brown chewing him out.

Word of the moment


President Kiefer Sutherland’s cancelled show has been rescued by Netflix—and, despite a previously contracted relocation to L.A., it will still be shot in Toronto.

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