June 2013

What Gets Designers Stoked on a Job


It's been about three months since we launched our Job Board into the wild and exposed companies to our network of 450,000 product designers, including those on Forrst and Pattern Tap. The board has been an outgrowth of our 15 years working with designers and companies. We've seen first-hand how hard it is to hire great product design talent. In the year-and-a-half before its release, we learned a lot about what it takes to snag top designers.

Data on What Designers Want

We really looked into what gets designers stoked on a job during our private release. We knew from experience what drove designers, but we wanted to know if all designers thought the same. So we surveyed some 120 designers about the factors that contribute to their happiness. Here's what we found:

  • Passionate co-workers: 46.7% of those surveyed wanted cohorts who were as passionate as they were.
  • Projects: 42.7% said the types of projects they work on contributed to their happiness.
  • Company culture: 39.2% felt a strong company culture made a difference.

Knowing what you all want and what is important to you has driven our approach with our Job Board and the types of jobs that we're highlighting this month. So with that — here's the latest listings.

Visual Interaction Designer at Pivotal Labs →

The folks at Pivotal Labs are looking for experienced, creative designers to join their innovative team and help them stay ahead of the agile software curve.

UX Designer at Booking.com →

Book your next job at Booking.com. They're looking for a UX Designer to help them deliver a world-class user experience to their customers.

Developer at Blueye →

Blueye is looking for a locally-based, full-time programmer who loves the startup life and can help them build the strongest social commerce solution for other brands.

Senior Front-End Engineer at Mutual Mobile →

Mutual Mobile needs a leader who can act as the voice of the team. You'll get a chance to work side-by-side with award-winning designers and bring stunning interfaces to life.

Front-End Software Engineer →

Citrix wants a front-end software engineer to join them in sunny Santa Barbara and help make it easier for customers to work anywhere in the world.

Designer at ZURB →

We're looking for a designer driven to change the world. You'll work closely with our team of driven product designers, engineers and writers who believe in rapid prototyping, multi-device design and teaching people how to design.


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