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Just Say ‘Bug Off’

The best way to keep pesky pests out of your lawn and landscape all season is to begin now. Insects aren’t picky. They’re ready to feed just about anywhere — above the soil, at the thatch level, or below ground. The key to controlling these culprits is stopping them early. Here are a few signs of spring’s worst:

Chinch Bugs

These bugs suck the plant juices from the leaves and stems of grass plants, especially in hot, dry weather. Look for: large, circular areas of yellowing grass.

Greenbug Aphids

These tiny bugs suck sap from your grass while injecting a poison. Mild winters and cool springs often bring them on. Look for: rust colored brown patches that begin in shady areas and spread to sunny parts of the lawn.

Sod Webworms

These caterpillars of moths chew your grass just above the thatch line. Look for: dead patches of 1 to 2 inches in late spring, among areas of normal grass.


These C-shaped, white or grey larvae of beetles feast on the roots of your grasses, leaving nothing but dead turf behind. Look for: brown patches in late spring or dead patches that roll back like a carpet. Moles, skunks or raccoons in your yard can indicate a grub problem.

Good pest management is an all-season process. If, at any time through the year, you suspect these or other pests, or if you had a problem last year, prevention could be the key. Give us a call and together, we’ll send these pests packing.