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Congratulations to the doctors, nurses, and administration of Einstein Medical Center Montgomery as they open a brand new, state of the art hospital on Germantown Pike in East Norriton later this month. C. Caramanico and Sons was happy to be a part of this project. Pictures will be coming soon to our portfolio page.

"It will be the first completely new hospital to be built in Pennsylvania in more than a decade. More significantly, it is built, from the ground up, around patient comfort, safety and peace of mind, as well as the needs of doctors, nurses, clinical staff and the demands of the latest technology. From its soaring atrium to its advanced imaging services, the center's architectural elegance is matched by top tier patient care capabilities." notes CEO Barry Freeman.

In addition to the beautiful landscaping at the new medical center installed by C. Caramanico and Sons, Einstein Healthcare Network is helping the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to plant one million trees throughout 13 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. As a founding sponsor, Einstein is supporting the largest multi-state tree planting initiative in the country. The goal is to restore the tree canopy cover/area of land shaded by trees in the Greater Philadelphia Region to 30 percent. Visit to learn more.

Thinking of Planting?
Now's a Great Time!

Do you have the perfect spot in mind for a new tree or grouping of shrubs? Maybe you lost a plant, or some of your older shrubs need to be replaced because they've become overgrown. An evolving master landscape plan calls for periodic new installations. Perhaps your landscape may need a facelift to enhance the attractiveness and functionality of your property.

Whatever your situation, if you want to install trees or shrubs, fall is a great time to do it. The cooler weather and more plentiful moisture give landscape plants a chance to put out roots and get used to their new home before the stress of next summer's heat and dryness is upon them. They'll have an extra growing season to become established, and you'll have the pleasure of seeing your new landscape plants bloom or leaf out next spring.

As with any landscaping project, it's always a good idea to get professional advice and help. You'll get top-quality results and the look you are dreaming of.

Quick Tips For Fall

• Spring bulbs will need time to get their roots established this fall, so if you're going to plant them, the sooner the better.

• Consider setting up bird feeding stations. The birds will appreciate your efforts, and their visits will liven up your landscape through the colder months.

• Removing fallen leaves, branches and other debris this fall will make a big difference on your property. And by mowing your lawn shorter for the final cut of the season, you'll help it to retain better color throughout the winter.

• Applying mulch to planting beds will keep soil temperatures more steady and help the soil to retain moisture. It looks good too!

Send Your Landscape Problems Down the Drain

Why worry about drainage? Because too much of even a good thing, like water, creates problems.

Plants need air, and water standing too long around the roots fills up the needed pockets of oxygen in the soil, causing plant roots to suffocate.

If your property needs a little help to correct drainage or water flow, here are a few common water management solutions:

• Sometimes simply moving dirt - to eliminate high spots, and fill in low spots is enough.

• Good drainage may require redirecting water below the surface, using drainage trenches with gravel or flexible plastic drain pipes.

• Drainage chimneys are holes filled with small rocks that let water pass through the soil to faster-draining soils below.

• Dry wells use trenches to carry water from other areas into the well to settle into the ground.

Whatever the solution you may need for your property, maintaining good drainage in your soil can keep your lawn and landscape investment from going right down the drain.






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