Bringing some social conservative chaos to the party. The passing of a resolution to debate removing gender identity from the province's sex-ed curriculum was the big takeaway from the Ontario PC convention. Tanya Granic Allen, the exiled election candidate who proposed the measure, revelled in confusion about her renewed influence:

What to expect for Ford More Years. The premier's earlier threat to invoke the notwithstanding clause probably foreshadows more Queen’s Park moves to come, along the lines of a decision to cut Ontario francophone services. Dean French, the operative evidently steering such decisions, gets some light shed on him by the Globe and Mail.

Harjit Sajjan is providing reasons to be less fond of Facebook. Amidst the crisis at the social network, Facebook remains perfect for shitposts, like one claiming that the Liberal defence minister got his job because of affirmative action—for which the post's writer apologized. That could end up seeming like a comparatively minor nuisance:

Ottawa Senators video skirmish brought on some Twitter weirdness. Postmedia’s decision to publish video of Senators players gossiping in an Uber led the team to refuse the Ottawa Citizen a seat on the team charter. A campaign to discredit their reporting also extended to some suspicious social media activity from sources that can’t be verified.

Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi Edition gets some great press from the inside. On the eve of CRTC hearings to determine which broadcaster merits future taxpayer funding for multicultural programming, here’s a surely coincidental feature on Rogers Media's success in translating the NHL:

Mascot makeovers that mattered most in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. The annual procession revealed that Mr. Peanut has shed his elitist ribbing in favour of a friendlier plasticized look. Meanwhile, the legacy of the Maple Leaf Big Stick has been inherited by children dressed as bacon strips, riding on a float of animated meats:

Norm Kelly gets the exit interview he deserves. Losing his seat at city hall hasn’t stopped @norm from feigning enthusiasm for the Backstreet Boys. But the reality is that he’s out of a job by December. So, while packing up his office boxes, 77-year-old Kelly waxes philosophical for BlogTO: “I sometimes feel like putty rolling through the river of life.”

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St. Michael’s College School was evacuated because of one received at the same time police announced assault charges for six students.

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