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Volo Biou Grenache 2016

Volo Biou Grenache 2016

There are bottles of wine that are not really used for toasts, are not the go-to for celebrations, or the showpiece wines collectors have in their cellars. These bottles are the heroes of the everyday wine world. They are the bottles that get opened when the pizza has just been delivered on a Monday night, and they get finished the next night with the leftover pizza. They don’t cost a fortune or require hours of deep reflection, only enjoyment. Volo Biou Grenache is one of these unsung heroes, ready to please at a moment’s notice. Let’s pause and raise a glass to weeknight wines!

Tasting Note: Clean and fruity, Volo Biou (named after a bull which could allegedly fly) is 100% Grenache and boasts black cherry, blackberry and peppery gingerbread aromas along with liquorice and pepper notes through the finish.

Enjoy With: Roasted or grilled red meats (especially lamb), pizza or deli cheeses, or great on its own.

Style: A medium-bodied, fruity and smooth red wine.

Terroir / Region:Volo Biou Grenache hails from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France. It is classified as ‘Vin de Pays’ roughly meaning ‘country wine’, so it doesn’t have to follow the strict rules of the country’s appellation system. This is one of the largest wine-producing regions in the world, annually producing around 1.8 billion bottles!  To put that in perspective, last year all of Canada produced about the same amount. Vive la France!

Producer: When Yvon Mau joined his father’s company, he embraced his own personal quest to seek out the country’s best wines. Using his bicycle, he toured southern France to find the finest grapes to begin producing his family’s own wines such as Volo Biou, ‘The Flying Bull’.  To honour this initiative, the company took his name as its own and the image of his bicycle as its emblem.

Availability: Volo Biou Grenache is available year-round in the France section of your local LCBO. Pick some up tonight so you have some on hand for your next weeknight wine occasion!

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Price: $10.95

LCBO#: 470252

Sizes: 750mL

13.0% alc./vol.