The media broke open the scandal at St. Mike’s. Police confirmed that reporting about expulsions led to a criminal investigation that resulted in six students being charged with assault—even if parents previously confronting cameras didn’t see the point of scrutiny. The tension carried over into a news conference after it reached the time limit:

“It’s non-binding… I’m not moving forward with that, so it’s done.” Doug Ford sloughed off a resolution to debate gender identity at the next Ontario PC convention. But in an interview during the leadership campaign, the premier himself declared gender identity to be a “Liberal ideology.”

La Presse columnist wonders why anglos aren’t outraged when the target is French. The forgotten February 2013 coverage of “Pastagate” is raised by Patrick Lagacé, who wonders where the columnists outside Quebec are now that the shoe switched feet:

Sky Gilbert got cancelled in the building he built.I’m Afraid of ‘Woke People’,” a poem by the Buddies in Bad Times theatre co-founder in response to Vivek Shraya’s book I’m Afraid of Men, resulted in the cancellation of a Buddies reading of Gilbert’s 1986 play Drag Queens in Outer Space. This led to a lengthy response from playwright Brad Fraser, prior to the replacement event: a conversation about the reading cancellation.

The irony of the Mississauga wooden castle fire. Mike Holmes helped to rebuild the High Park playground destroyed by arson in 2012. Those castles inspired an $800,000 project in Malton, which opened a year ago. That one has now suffered an estimated $70,000 in damages, probably sparked by someone taking overnight shelter inside:

Brampton gets a way better ambassador than Patrick Brown. Saddi Juliet” is the official name of the desi snow girl. She's also known as “Farah the snow Jatti” and "Frosty the Aunty.” Expect the storyline to advance when it snows enough again:

Michael Wekerle is ready to book the Rolling Stones. The new El Mocambo owner went to a concert in Prague to ask the band most synonymous with the club to return for its reopening—which is more realistic now that the Stones have announced a U.S. tour beginning in April. El Mo redesigners can also promise them all of the “authentic dirtiness.”

Word of the moment


The TTC rolled out the first of its fleet of this type of bus on the same morning as the release of a report calling the Toronto transit network “at risk.”

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