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April 2015

It's Spring - Take a Deep Breath and Soak in the Natural Wonders of the Skeena!  If you live in the Northwest, the diverse ecosystems that nurture thousands of species and the air filling your lungs is some of the purest in the world.  Let's keep it that way.

This month find out what's at stake and how you can take action.  Learn about DFO's proposed increases in commercial fishing and resulting impacts on wild salmon and steelhead, watch our new mini documentary, "A Call for Clean Air", participate in the upcoming Garbathon, meet an energy expert and discover why local business and conservation are innately interconnected.

DFO Proposing Dramatic Commercial Fishing Increases

Progress made in 2009 to protect and rebuild weak stocks of Skeena salmon, based on recommendations from the Independent Science Review Panel and harvest rules consistent with the Wild Salmon Policy, is now on the chopping block. DFO proposes to dramatically increase the mixed stock marine fishery despite scientific evidence that this increase will have serious impacts to already suffering wild sockeye and steelhead in the Skeena.

Furthermore, DFO’s proposed Skeena sockeye harvest rules betray due process, fail meaningful consultation, violate the federal Wild Salmon Policy and negate honoring constitutional obligations to First Nations.

Why is DFO proposing to dramatically increase commercial harvest when it is clear weak stocks are not rebuilding?

Why is DFO favoring the commercial industry over conservation, all other interests, its own policies, and its constitutional obligations to First Nations?

Have your say and help protect endangered salmon runs!

Learn more about the issue



A Call for Clean Air

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) - It's an invisible killer.  You can't see it, smell it or taste it, but it's there.  It causes air pollution and is a serious threat to public health.

The Canadian Medical Association estimates that 21,000 people die in Canada each year from air pollution, 7 million worldwide. Health effects caused by exposure to SO2 include breathing problems and increases in respiratory and cardiovascular disease. People with asthma or chronic lung or heart disease are the most vulnerable. It damages trees and crops and is a major contrubutor to acid rain.

Yet the provincial government is allowing Rio Tinto Alcan to double their SO2 emissions over current levels.  How has this become an acceptable risk to the health and wellbeing of the people of Kitimat and the surrounding region? 

Pumping this type of poison into the air can be prevented and the solution is simple.  RTA should be forced to install scrubbers in their facility.

Get Informed.  Take Action.

Watch our NEW Video, A Call for Clean Air. 

Support our legal proceedings.  Expert witnesses will be testifying in the hearings which are slated for the last week of April and the first week of May in Victoria and the second and third weeks of May in Kitimat.

We're not alone. The Northern Health Authority and Regional Districts Hospital Board have requested that RTA install scrubbers due to health concerns. Also, the union representing workers at Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.’s aluminum smelter in Kitimat filed applications in B.C. Supreme Court seeking to overturn approvals for a $5-billion expansion, claiming the government was biased and the project poses health risks.

Read the full article here
Sign their petition


David Hughes Presenting at UNBC Terrace Campus

The Potential LNG Industry and BC's Natural Gas Supply

David Hughes is a geoscientist who has studied the energy resources of Canada for nearly four decades, including 32 years with the Geological Survey of Canada as a scientist and research manager.  He now works as an independent energy policy analyst with connections to the Post Carbon Institute and was Team Leader for Unconventional Gas on the Canadian Gas Potential Committee.

In this evening presentaiton, David will explore the natural gas supply and proposed LNG industry in BC, showing the connections this has to the national global energy supply picture.

When:  Tuesday April 14th @ 7:00pm
Where:  UNBC Terrace Campus, Room 103 - 4837 Keith Ave

Free Admission

Sponsored by the Northwest Institute and Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce.


Community and Riverside Garbathon

Join in on the action for the 30th Annual Community and Riverside Garbathon and help to clean up where you live and play. 


12pm - 4pm:  Garbage Pick-up meet at McDonald's parking lot
4pm - 6pm:  Salmon BBQ and live music by donation at George Little Park

Be part of the conversation on the Community and Riverside Garbathon Event on Facebook.


Commerce & Conservation Go Hand in Hand

Building healthy communities and a thriving economy together - that's what it is all about.  From video production to product development, we are thrilled to be collaborating with these local businesses on an array of interesting and unique projects. 

This month, watch our new video of the infamous Big Bob of All Seasons Source for Sports, learn about his business and hear why he thinks Skeena conservation is important.  Click here.


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