It’s the NDP’s turn to fight with Doug Ford. A website aimed at attacking the Ontario PC leader didn’t last very long for the Liberals. But an ascendant Andrea Horwath dropped a line about how “We can’t afford Ford!,” as a prelude to this:

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over.” Mississauga Centre NDP candidate Laura Kaminker is caught in the Conservative crossfire because of her past statements about wearing poppies on Remembrance Day. Kaminker was also once eager to fight a War on Christmas. (Although, for his part, Doug Ford once voted to scrap a program to give gifts to needy kids.)

Terracotta house will soon succumb to gravity. Despite having registered heritage status and recently selling for $700,000 to buyers who wondered if it could be fixed up, the 1905 home at 20 Jerome in the Junction is about to be levelled:

John Tory thinks Carters Landing is part of a “continuing disaster.” The mayor has commented on the debacle surrounding the beachfront restaurant. It's now closing up shop after its owner, Cara Operations, gave up on the plum city-owned property that private businessman George Foulidis was somehow able to lease through 2028.

Air Canada lovebirds avoided the glare of an overshare. The saga of Michigan barista C.J. Poirier trying, then failing, to procure 530,000 retweets to get plane tickets so he could meet his internet girlfriend in Newfoundland ended with him getting a free trip—and the president of Air Canada Rouge ranting on LinkedIn about media mockery of the stunt. It appears that C.J. met Becca in Corner Brook without a trace of public disclosure:

Subway Canada is here to troll all the trollers. While it looked like the sandwich chain's “WE’VE GOT A FETA FETISH” poster campaign was a symptom of some kinky cluelessness, Subway has received plenty of attention for it. So, what could the company do for an encore? A recent Twitter poll asked users to “Pick your bread bae." But there were no votes, and the tweet seems not to have been public until it surfaced as a subject of ridicule. From there, Subway started getting saltier:

Anthony Bourdain vs. Canadian journalism, round three, or maybe four. John Doyle wrote about CNN’s chef being “fed up” with Canada after coverage of a recent Parts Unknown episode shot in Newfoundland and Labrador. The column was behind a paywall, but it really didn’t matter, because Bourdain tweeted back at the Globe and Mail that he’s “fed up with lazy, dumbass click-hungry news outlets like yours.” (Twitter user @JigglyPants44 then earned 246 likes for telling Bourdain that most Canadians are fed up with the Globe and Mail.)

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Grimes claimed that she's changing her name to this letter, which she thinks symbolizes the speed of light. She also defended the labour practices of her boyfriend, Elon Musk.

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