“The debate, if it continues, will continue without my involvement.” Rose Knight, the former Creston Valley Advance reporter who claimed to have been groped by Justin Trudeau 18 years ago, broke her silence to say she has no further comment. But questions about the incident continued to dog the PM at the Calgary Stampede, where MP Kent Hehr said he felt Trudeau had addressed the matter appropriately. (Hehr lost his cabinet post following his own sexual harassment scandal.) Sometimes, the satirical news can be funny because it’s true:

Patrick Brown’s comeback campaign is rudely interrupted by that lingering lawsuit. Canadaland got the scoop on CTV’s defence statement in response to Brown's $8-million libel claim. Brown nonetheless continued on the trail to become Peel Region Chair: he spent Sunday attending at least seven different events, before making it similarly known that friends still invite him to their weddings.

CBC stirs a word debate about “illegal border crossings.” Carol Off took issue with her employer using the word “illegal” to describe the surge in asylum seekers that Doug Ford was riled by. But it turns out that CBC’s style guide advises journalists not to follow the lead of “some refugee activists” by using what it calls “vague bureaucratic jargon.”

WestJet gets a swoop of bad press. Toronto lawyer Selwyn Pieters filed a complaint about being racially profiled by the airline upon a return from Trinidad and Tobago, which led WestJet to apologize. And this was after NDP staffer Jared Walker exposed a WestJet baggage policy that seems to discriminate in favour of golfers.

Loose lips around Donald Trump oughta move to Kapuskasing. Shera Bechard, a Playboy Playmate turned Hugh Hefner girlfriend, is suing three men over a scuttled hush money deal—and all of them have some connection to Trump. Bechard, originally from Kapuskasing, first entered the Playboy orbit when she posed for one of the magazine's artists at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Now there's much speculation about her more recent entanglements:

It’s been two days since the 20th anniversary of “One Week.” Barenaked Ladies released the album Stunt on July 7, 1998; its first single got a formal release later, and eventually topped the Billboard Hot 100. For the anniversary, Ed Robertson broke down all the song's references, while denying that it’s about a man who kills his girlfriend with a golf club:

Garry Lowe dead at 65. The reggae bassist was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Toronto in 1976 to play with Jackie Mittoo. He became a unique Canadian rock figure in 1994 when he joined Big Sugar. Lowe, who had been battling cancer for the past two years, was remembered by Big Sugar frontman Gordie Johnson as “our wisest elder.”

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Kim's Convenience actor Andrew Phung says he heard a Toronto cop say these words to a driver around the Rogers Centre. (Police are investigating the claim.)

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