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Toro Bravo Tempranillo Merlot

Welcome to 2022! Many of us take a close look at our health in the new year and try to start off on the right foot. This year, the vegan community wants to help us go vegan for the month of January… sorry, the month of ‘Veganuary’! The Veganuary website offers plenty of resources such as a free cookbook, a nutrition guide, daily coaching emails and a shopping guide. Our addition to your ‘Go Vegan’ shopping list for this month is Toro Bravo Red – that quaffable, affordable and certified vegan red you may have previously heard about. Cheers to a better you in 2022!

Tasting Notes: Toro Bravo’s blend of Tempranillo and Merlot offers flavours of plum and baked red berries with sweet spices and a touch of chocolate. The tannins are soft and smooth, and the wine’s acidity keeps it lively.

Enjoy With: All kinds of vegan dishes: portobello mushroom burgers, grilled or roasted red peppers, dishes using beans and other legumes, or try a splash in your cooking to make vegan coq au vin (substituting mushrooms and potato for chicken and bacon).

Style: A fruity, well-balanced medium-bodied red wine.

Terroir/Region: The Valencia DO stretches from near Spain’s eastern-Mediterranean coast inland and upward into the hills of the interior. This allows Toro Bravo to use very ripe grapes from warmer areas near the sea and grapes from higher altitudes which maintain a fresher acidity. Blend those together and you have great balance of ripeness and freshness!

Producer: The team at Toro Bravo is focused on making wines that deliver the most possible to anyone who picks up a bottle. It has succeeded in making Toro Bravo approachable, delicious and affordable, but wanted to go the extra mile to be certified vegan as well. This requires the team to find vegan-friendly materials and practices versus traditional winemaking, but doing more for their customers is what they do best.

Availability: Toro Bravo Tempranillo Merlot is available at your local LCBO and is also available for online ordering. The ‘better you’ of 2022 deserves a glass of wine sometimes too!

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Price: $8.30

LCBO #: 635755

Size: 750 mL

Alcohol Content: 13% alc./vol.