Welcome our new transit etiquette scolding overlord. Seth Rogen has recorded some PSAs for the TTC. This can either be credited to, or blamed on, councillor Norm Kelly. But the concept was first suggested by a reporter from the Vancouver Sun:

“I have no intention of pursuing something that might in any way be divisive, but on the other hand, sometimes you do stand up and say enough is enough.” Jennifer Keesmaat, whose run for mayor started with some tweets arguing that Toronto should secede from Ontario, clarified that her comments are “not a policy statement.”

Premier Doug Ford gives the media something to live for. The debate over whether NDP MPP Gilles Bisson was mocking the accent of PC MPP Kaleed Rasheed is indicative of the new era of DoFo. Later, loud applause from staffers prevented CTV’s reporter from asking further questions at an announcement.

Waterfront Toronto deal cautions against Sidewalk swallowing the city. There’s now a “plan development agreement” with Alphabet over the smart city at Quayside. The deal gets Waterfront Toronto nearly twice the cash for planning and it comes with a less subservient tone, following three high-profile resignations from Waterfront Toronto.

Liquor Donuts think they’ll fit right in with Kensington Market. Controversial plans to turn an abandoned supermarket into a full-time licensed venue get an airing on a podcast from BlogTO. These incoming tenants insist their aims are true:

Postmedia invents a new vortex of Fake News. Facebook is continuing to clamp down on Russians playing political tricks. But there’s still room for the National Post to promote an item decrying misinformation, yet it’s an advert for Canadian Tire:

Jordan Peterson coverage turns to his carnivore daughter. With no new ways to vent against JBP, BuzzFeed News looks at Mikhaila Peterson selling insights into the health benefits of an all-meat diet, which dad even says helped cure his depression

Word of the moment


The sunflower farm in Millgrove, Ontario has closed to the public following a mass infestation of selfie-seekers.

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