John Tory swings left against Josh Matlow. The mayor endorsed Joe Mihevc for city councillor in St. Paul’s. It was a blatant rebuke of the argumentative Matlow, who can now position himself as a resister:

“It is not as though an inability to obtain the relief sought can or will have any realistic impact on the outcome of the election.” Bell Media filed its response to a lawsuit via mayoral candidate Faith Goldy after her commercials were rejected by CP24. Goldy then bought airtime on 680 News—but Rogers Media has also refunded her money.

What is this campaign strategist trying to tell us about Patrick Brown? Warren Kinsella has a new obsession, which may (or may not!) be linked to his firm working with Brampton mayor Linda Jeffrey: seductive shirtless selfies of her main opponent.

Eve Adams just so happens to be endorsed by a sister-in-law who just so happens to be named “Andrea Horvath.” The Conservative turned Liberal politician, now running for Hamilton city council, distributed campaign literature with a blurb from somebody just one consonant away from Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath. The name similarity led to widespread confusion. Horwath distanced herself from this Horvath family love.

Radisson refugee reportage questions swirl around the Toronto Sun. Following a BuzzFeed debunking of a Sue-Ann Levy column that claimed, erroneously, that refugees were slaughtering goats in the bathrooms at a North York Radisson, police are searching for a suspect after a fire was started at the very same hotel. The Sun lashed back to report no verifiable connection between one and the other:

Craig Kielburger’s company shows how it reacts to media scrutiny. Questions from Canadaland about how the WE organization operates netted over 100 pages of defensive documentation. WE maintains that there’s “absolute clarity” between the different ways in which its branding is applied:

The Matador is back on the block after eight years in limbo. Paul McCaughey, who led an effort to restore the storied ballroom at Dovercourt and College, is putting it up for sale, with hopes that it won’t become a drug store. McCaughey recently won a long fight to have the building rezoned.

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A naked man jumped into a tank at Ripley’s Aquarium to swim with the sand tiger sharks—and then, after being asked to leave, he did a backward flip back in.

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