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Fall 2019

Dear Friends and Fans,

Summer was capricious and hot in Boston filled with lots of practice, collaboration, planning, house work, and I received my medal from Société Académique ARTS–SCIENCES–LETTRES of Paris, France! I'm extremely excited to celebrate the award at the French Cultural Center (9/21) and Wellfleet, Cape Cod (9/23) with baritone Matthew Hoch. I also spoke with Dan Kepl for Performing Arts Review and Mike Maino for Conducting Conversations regarding the new season, becoming a musican & John. Cage. Guitar. 

The 2019-2020 Season is full of new works, debuts, collaborations, and travel. After the success of 'Legend of Hagoromo' I have challenged mysef with the complete 'Pictures at an Exhibition' by Modest Mussorgsky. The first concerts featuring the complete 35+min will be in Germany and Massachusetts in October & November.
New works featured this Fall include Thomas Schuttenhelm, Stephanie Ann Boyd, Agustin Castilla-Ávila, Alan Hovhaness, and John Cage. The spring will hear new guitar+electronic compositions by Tom Flaherty, Lou Bunk, and Lainie Feffermen, as well as Carnatic Preludes, After J.S. Bach by Vineet Shende.

A brief blog post about the Arts–Sciences–Lettres award and society: http://alcguitar.com/blog/aslaward/



Fall 2019 Upcoming Concerts

9/10, Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA – solo
9/15, Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino, radio interview
9/20, BNN News, Aaron & Matt Hoch with Christopher Lovett, TV
9/21, French Cultural Center, w/ Matthew Hoch, baritone
9/23, Wellfleet Public Library, w/ Matthew Hoch, baritone
10/5, 1867 Sanctuary Arts & Culture, Ewing, NJ – solo
10/6, Music for Good, Philly Ethical Society – Philly Debut
10/14, Berklee School of Music, w/ Linda Toote, alto flute
10/18, Community Music Center, Portland, OR– ¡Con Fuego!
10/20, Coaster Theater, Cannon Beach – ¡Con Fuego!
10/26, Mainz, Germany – Mussorgsky 'Pictures at an Exhibition'
10/31, UMass Boston – solo
11/3, Art Complex Museum, Mussorgsky 'Pictures at an Exhibition'

MUSICIANS & DANCERS: Matthew Hoch, La Conja, Jerry Bobbe, Linda Toote

New works by Thomas Schuttenhelm, Stephanie Ann Boyd, Agustin Castilla-Ávila, Donald McDonnell, Roger Eon; John Cage, J.S. Bach, Spanish Composers, Mussorgsky, Reynaldo Hahn, Joaquin Rodrigo, Pascual Marquina, Roland Dyens.

*Click HERE for the complete Fall calendar.


• 40' interview with Dan Kepl on Performing Arts Review 

• Featured on Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino, 9/15 at 7pm. Here's the 2016 interview 

• Received 'Steps and Leaps' for guitar+electronics by composer Tom Flaherty

• Received 'Perseiden' by Agustin Castilla Ávila, the 56th New Lullaby Project premiere since 2007.

• Multiple new reviews of John. Cage. Guitar.

NEW VIDEOS for viola & guitar with Michael Hall:
1 - Borrowed Blue by Francine Trester (Boston)
2 - Three Vintage Portraits of Exquisite Ladies Expressing their Minds by Antonio Celso Ribeiro (Brazil)

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