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Mentor, Daren Young and apprentice, Robin Eliason

Mentor, Sarinda Jones and apprentice, Keaton Buck

Participants in the What If Factor, one of six teen workshops offered in the 2013 Summer season

Claire Melton with the art she created in the Pet Portraits Teen Workshop

August Gallery Stroll

Opening Reception: Friday, August 16
Exhibit Dates: August 16 - September 13

Art Access Gallery:
19th Annual Partners Exhibit - Featuring artwork created by participants in Art Access' Partners Artist Mentoring program

2013 Apprentice & Mentor Artists (respectively) include:

Phil Cannon and Jared Nielsen in printmaking
Keaton Buck and Sarinda Jones in fused glass
Lisa Jacobsen and Susan Jarvis in painting
Brett Ross and Roger Whiting in animation
Robin Eliason and Daren Young in drawing and painting
Joanne Robbins and Rob Adamson in painting
Nathan Bringhurst and Marianne Sidwell in songwriting

Access II Gallery:
16th Annual Teen Exhibit - Featuring artwork created by participants in Art Access' Teen Workshops Program

Art Access and Spyhop are partnering together for a fun block party for kids and teens during Gallery Stroll. For more information, visit the Spyhop website.

Learn more about Partners Artist Mentoring by clicking HERE.

Learn more about the Teen Workshops by clicking HERE.